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God’s Grace Saving Grace

God has been waithing for your to hear His voice

God has been waithing for your to hear His voice, to recognize His call to follow after God.

To wal in his ways and to acknowledge the Lord, to follow me as I reveal the way of Truth,

to draw you near to me. To know me in a deeper way to learn of me as I open your Heart,

to give you understanding.

To bring to pass the Promises that I have spoken to you in times past. To bring you forth into your New Day.

A Day of New Beginnings to bring you into a season of my provision, a Season of Restoration.

A Time of healing and health. I remove the times of sorrow and bring you into Joy unspeakable.

Delight hyourself in me and seek me and you shall find me.

Draw deeply from the wells of my Salvation, draw deeply from the closeness of my Heart and the Peace

that I make available to you Daily.

To Give you a New Heart of compassion, a Heaof of flesh. To love the Lord thy God and to share His Love,

His Life with others.

Gentleness in the time of great need, bot being moved by the need, only by the compassion, Tender mercies of God, who

wants to do Good for His children.

He wants them to know Him, receive Him and His Love that I may pour out his Nature, His goodness, His love into the Hearts of others.

Peter Coach

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