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God’s Grace Saving Grace

Draw Near to God and walk in fellowship with God – Experience his Love and Favor

Draw Near to me and I will Draw near to you.

God is saying open your heart, allow him access, Invite the Lord into your life.

Allow him to touch and heal you, His love brings us near to God.

His love covers us, transforms us, removes any barrios and bring us into fellowship with

The Lord our maker. He gave us life that He may share his life with us.

He wants us to be a part of the family of God

Thy Word O Lord have I hid in my heart that I might not sin, not allow anything to come between us.

Call upon the Lord and He will answer, and bring us out of our difficulties.

He is a refuge and strength for his people. He want to restore your life and bring your into his peace and love.

To come to know him and experience his power to transform your life.

Reveal great and mighty things that he wants to do with your life.

Give thanks unto God for his love and kindness to us daily…

Have a great weak in the Lord,

Peter Coach

Experience his Love and Favor an new..

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