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God’s Grace Saving Grace

The Father’s Love. 

We all need to know that our Natural Father loves us, just as all children need to know that their Heavenly Father Loves and cares for them.

There is an emptiness in our lives, in our hearts that only Fathers love can fill. This love of the Father heals wounds, removes the hurt, the emptiness, the sense of no value, low self esteem. Fathers Love gives acceptness, warm and joy like no other. Fathers love his words bring comfort and strength, you can hold onto his words in times of your deepest needs. You can run and live life to its fullest know the Fathers love and have received him and his life through Jesus Christ who loves you. He knows the Fathers love and is one with him, he and the Father are one as you receive the Fathers love, as you receive Jesus into your heart, into your life. You will find that the love of God is being poured out, in filling our heart with Father love and his peace through God’s Holy Spirit which has been given to you.

This is Love, this is Life, Fathers Love.

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