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Let us keep our eyes and heart directed to the Lord, to follow him fully… laying aside every wait of hinderance and distraction.. knowing full well that we have a race to run and the ways of truth to follow.

The only hope for the modern church is to return to bible principles and preach the gospel that Jesus preached. The church has languished and lost its shine because so many church leaders have resorted to motivational speaking and short homilies constructed to make it easy and palatable for the listeners. The problem is, this natural logic to tickle the ears of the people and avoid upsetting anyone, neither strengthens the church nor causes it to win the lost. The easy road is never the right road!
Jesus was uncompromising in His demand for commitment and when that commitment was rejected He did not chase after the rejecters. He did not run after the rich young ruler or try and persuade people to stay when they moved to walk away. When many of His disciples left Him because He said unpalatable things to them, rather than pander to their mediocrity he turned to the twelve and asked them if they would like to go too (of course Peter asked, ‘where would we go?’)

The fact is that the One who travelled from the eternal world, the Great Creator of all things, who housed Himself in the womb of the virgin and walked the way of the cross to shed His blood for us all, has every right to demand from us total and complete commitment. He showed extreme love and passion for us all and He seeks a parallel response from us. “If any man will come after me let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me.”

It goes without saying that it’s all based in love, but we must understand that the response He requires from us is uncomfortably clear; hot or cold, in or out, all or nothing. It is increasingly not a popular message, but it is the teaching of the Word and it’s this kind of preaching upon which Christ builds His church. We divert from it at our peril and the church becomes weak, insipid and powerless to win the crying multitudes. May God raise up men and women of love, vision, passion and prophetic anointing who will defy the demonic and preach once more the truth that builds churches which strike fear into the heart of the evil one! We can see our nation turn back to God – but only if we preach uncompromising truth soaked in His Presence!

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