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Lord Speaks to His People Daily

I felt the Lord speak to me very clearly this morning on the way to work.

Live for me today he said, walk with me, be as I am allow my Spirit place in your life today.

Do not get caught up with your own thoughts and living your own life, spend some time with me.

Allow me to teach you and guide you through your day. I want to share my life with you, that others might come to know me through you. Through the words you speak, through my love that lives in your heart. That I might bless these people.

That they may come to know me as you know me and share my life, my Spirit with them allow them to come to me through the Words that I speak to your heart. I desire to be with my family, my children that they may be drawn to me. That they may know me and the fellowship of my Spirit. That they may live and not die, I have come that they may have life and joy in their hearts. Not hate dread and evil but that they may walk in love, by knowing me.

I bring healing to the hearts and minds of my people, as they read my Word, abide in my word, keep my word in your hearts and mind and you will begin to walk in fellowship with me. Desire to know me, to walk with me and taste and see that the Lord is good.

I shall remove every tear and sorrow and give you joy. There is joy in the House of God, there is joy for the heart of my people that desire to be in my presence. Those that will spend time with me and open there hearts will find me and I will reveal myself to them. In new ways in a new expression, I shall reveal Fathers love for them as they come to know me the Lord their savior. Allow my life and love to fill your hearts and desires and I shall be with you.

Allow my Spirit, my Voice to guide you into all truths, that you may learn to recognize my voice, my direction and purpose for your life. Walk with me and I will show you the way and take you on my journey’s with me…

Peter Coach

His Rivers run deep to those that want to step out and walk in new realms of the Spirit with the Lord their God.

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