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We never know what we truly believe until it’s a matter of life and death. Billy Graham, along with a firefighter and a young woman forced to face the reality of death, share the Gospel message, and what really happens when we die.
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25 Responses to “Heaven: A New Message from Billy Graham”

  • Mrcheekymonkeyisback says:

    I was saved by god, …
    I was saved by god, god saved me. I almost died in December . Honestly I
    was that close. It was pretty scary.I smoked like a legal high. it reacted
    with my heart medication and my heart sped up to 167+ beats per minute, was
    terrified. My vision went slow, felt sick and was drifting out of
    conciousness, I felt like I was going to throw up my whole body vibrated.
    Was so unexpected but I ASKED GOD to help me. I cried out to the Lord Jesus
    and instantly felt love, peace and ashamed , I was emotional and started to
    cry, felt so stupid. I trusted in Jesus and still do till this day. He woke
    me up, lifted me higher, death was all around me. IT TOOK ages for my heart
    to stablise. I was in the intensive care unit then in the ward after a few
    hours to be monitored and I was on a DRIP tokeep me hydrated, felt so
    old..weak….even when I sit up my heart would speed up. It was sensitive.
    First time I walked felt like an old man but I believe in god. I prayed to
    god to save me , to keep me alive and he did. I felt his presence. he
    brought me back to life and put my SIN TO DEATH! the wages of sin is death
    before the incident. I use to smoke weed, chain smoke with cigerettes,
    drank…sinned quite a lot, didn’t care about a god but knew god existed I
    was offended by the very nature of the Christian god because I knew I was
    being judged and hate that fact, I was also unsure about believing in this
    god but he deserves my love, he has got my attention now. he is real, he
    saved my life therefore he deserves my life. Have it all Lord Jesus. Take
    me. I hear his calling and he has heard my cry…I now don’t self harm,
    smoke or drink….I am still sinful but I am hating sin. I am hating the
    very nature of sin. God has set me free from this prison. I am now his
    SON. Romans 8. Read that.
    God bless you all and GOD will save many but many also won’t be saved and
    that’ll hurt the LORD a lot. GOD gives me rest and strength. When my time
    comes…I am 18 now 19 in March but when my time does indeed come.I will
    fear no evil for the lord is with me and he is my shepherd. He will lead me
    to the calm oceans and make me lay on nice green pastures. I have hope. I
    will trust in my lord with all I am

  • Yondu Udonta says:

    From my experience. …
    From my experience. There’s no point in debating with fervent
    non-believers. Pray for them and don’t agitate. Tell them about God and
    leave it at that. “You can’t feed a baby a steak.” They’ll seek him out or
    they’ll reject him. That’s the trial we face. All this cursing in the
    comments… Just quit talking to those fools. Creating debate is good
    sometimes, but not in a YouTube comments section. They’ll just see you as
    over zealous and religious if you agitate. It only encourages them to lash
    out more. YouTube comment sections are cesspools of degeneracy. Atheists
    and uneducated people rule the comments section, so be careful how you
    depict Christianity as a whole. Seeing how inconsistent and overly
    religious many of these comments are, I’m surprised as to how we can
    convert or save anyone.

  • Christ Is Risen says:

    If I die right now. …
    If I die right now… I’m ready! I’m ready to meet my Lord,My love and my
    Greatest Friend Jesus Christ. The only thing I want to hear is … A Well
    Done from Him! I’m gonna melt looking at those eyes,I’m gonna be swept away
    at the feeling of his hands touching mine. I cannot wait. And the greatest
    thing of all If I dont get to die,I will see Him coming on the clouds to
    take me away! Am I crazy? yes. Crazily in Love with God and His beautiful
    son Jesus Christ!

  • Bonde Smith says:

    Just heard this …
    Just heard this sermon this afternoon.
    Thought it would be very much worth sharing!
    Our lives can change in a heartbeat! I hope some will watch this video!
    God Bless!

  • The Contrarian says:

    Boy, all these …
    Boy, all these people sure are gonna be disappointed when they find out
    there’s no heaven.. 

  • glen allen says:

    so is the young …
    so is the young woman’s father in hell?????? she has to live with

  • Jeff Jorden says:

    Check out this …
    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • Cindy Schaffer says:

    Lord, help us all …
    Lord, help us all to be ready, for when you send Jesus Christ, your only
    begotten Son, back to Earth, to get Your people, whoever, and
    wherever…for You are no respecter of persons. Help us to grow in Grace,
    and stay humble, and be strong, with Your love, for each other, and let our
    light so shine before all men, so that they will know we have “a right
    relationship, ~ Your Salvation”,…Forgive us of our sins, for we, here on
    Earth have all fallen short of Your Glory. Watch over us, guide us, as we
    turn from our sins, as we learn to lean on Your everlasting arms, In Jesus
    Christ’ Holy, Mighty Name above all other names. Amen

  • Joe Baptista says:

    Thank you Jesus, …
    Thank you Jesus, for your servant Bill Graham, he’s going to be with you
    JESUS very soon, he’s in his 90’s NOW. We love you, and will miss you ,
    Billy Gramam

  • Acrobat32 says:

    Brother Billy …
    Brother Billy Graham, You are a soldier for the LORD; Thank you for your

  • Carolyn Bishop says:

    This was a very …
    This was a very good movie . I do believe in Jesus Christ i believe he died
    on the Cross , and he arose he lives , he lives . I do love you Jesus .
    Romans 5:1

  • Sam Samoa says:

    A “new” message …
    A “new” message from Billy Graham. How many more do we need.? Here’s one:
    Billy Graham is a Satanist; a a 35th degree Moron (Mason). 

  • John Huggins says:

    Why are there no …
    Why are there no evangelists like Billy Graham,now?
    Truly, a great man of God,who is very close,to meeting,His Saviour,and
    being reunited,with Ruth,and there will bo no more death,next time.

  • ḠѺÐ's Ðɪʀᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴ ɪs Aʟᴡᴀʏs ฿ᴇsᴛ says:

    Heaven: A New …
    Heaven: A New Message from Billy Graham

  • ChristisRisen says:

    Billy Graham has …
    Billy Graham has said it, Jesus is the only way, so he ain’t a Freemason or

  • I sotac says:

    All religion is …
    All religion is false hope for a fee. Christians are funny folks, they do
    the exact opposite of everything said by their Jesus.
    Read what Jesus said and then think what you do.

    He said don’t bother praying as God knows what your need before you ask.
    instead go to a private place and converse with God. Don’t babble on like
    the Gentiles do or pray in public. Christians pray incessantly, babbling on
    with long pointless prayers. Christians pray in public asking God to
    control every minutia of their lives.

    Yahowsha (errantly called Jesus) said He did not come to annul the
    slightest letter of the Torah, it would stand for eternity.
    Christians claim the Torah is void, a curse, not able to save,

    Yahowsha said anyone claiming to have seen his return in the wilderness is
    lying, and not to seek Him there.
    Christians believe all that Paul said because of his claim to have seen the
    risen savior in the wilderness.

    Yahowsha said John 5:43 I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me
    not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.

    Christians have fulfilled this prophecy because they reject all that was
    taught by Yahowsha who came in His fathers name and instead embrace all the
    words of Paul who wrote “I Paul say”.

    Yahowah said do not add to my Torah and do not take away from it, yet
    Christians have taken the personal name of Yahowah out of His word in all
    7000 incidences it was written.

    Yahowsha said no one calling him Lord Lord would enter the kingdom of
    Christians call Yahowsha Lord.

    Yahowah gave the name of LORD to satan in LORD Ba’al.
    In Jer. Yahowah said His children will know and use His name. When He
    returns Yahowah said the no one will ever call HIm LORD again as He will
    remove this name from their mouth.

    You pray Our father who art in heaven, hallowed by thy name (and then you
    never use it) His kingdom come His will be done ( and you all thwart His
    will, which is to come to know Him through His Torah teachings)

  • Jesse Demarcus says:

    Heaven: A New …
    Heaven: A New Message from Billy Graham:

  • Jacob Pomerleau says:

    God is Good. Jesus …
    God is Good. Jesus is King. Thank you for never giving up on me.

  • 1955porsche says:

    i dont believe in …
    i dont believe in anything but Billy G iis a great fine decent man who has
    devoted his life to decency n making the world a better place

  • Duncan Kim says:

    this is to sad …
    this is to sad that a women dads dies from a gun shot

  • James Alexson says:

    Will You Pray This …
    Will You Pray This Prayer Today?
    Dear Lord Jesus,
    I know I am a sinner, and I ask for your forgiveness.
    I believe you died for my sins and rose from the dead….
    I trust and follow you as my Lord and Savior.
    Guide my life and help me to do your will.
    In your name, amen.

  • oneleggedspider says:

    Death is dead. …
    Death is dead. Jesus defeated the grave.

  • Robert Berger says:

    AS an agnostic , I …
    AS an agnostic , I can’t say with absolute certainty that there is no life
    after death , but the Christian idea of heaven and is nothing but a
    childish fairy tale invented many centuries ago long after the death of
    Jesus, that is which if ever existed ,w hich is not certain , in order to
    frighten naive, ignorant and gullible people into blindly following the
    church and lining its coffers with money .
    The whole story of the virgin birth , the miracles, the crucifixion and
    resurrection , and Jesus being the son of God, ,
    is nothing but a total fabrication with absolutely no basis in fact . As
    well as the preposterous idea that Jesus can take your “sins” away if you
    accept him as your savior, and that all those who do not, even if they have
    been good people, go to hell, is absolute bunk !
    Christianity is without a doubt the most ridiculous, illogical and
    cockamanie religion in world history . Not the the others make much more
    sense . Jesus, if he existed at all,may have been a dissident Rabbi in
    ancient Palestine who
    was executed by the Romans because they feared him stirring up a rebellion
    aming the conquered Jews .
    But long after his death , all sorts of tall tales about him developed
    ,leading to the religion of Christianity .

  • William Tyndale says:

    Commitments never …
    Commitments never end in heaven, always in hell, and here is one man headed
    straight down.

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