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Love yourself the way that God loves you

Love yourself the way that God loves you, think good about yourself. Believe that things are going to get better. You don’t have to stay where you are things are gona change. Make a decision I am going to move on, make the right decisions, live life differently. God will make a way , even when there seems to be no way. When it looks like your stuck in a place with no way out, things look like they will only get worse. Begin to look to Jesus, you need a new source of strength and power that only God can supply. Only God can change you, only God can change the situation and lay out a new plan. Write up a new goal and purpose for your life. Draw up a plan and put into motion a new life style, with purpose and help organize your thought and desires to seek after and pursue and achieve the new goals and desires that God has set before you.

Love is the secret pathway into all the blessings promises of God. His word is Gods expression of his love and commitment to his people. He is faithful and wants to bring us into relationship with him that we may know him and be transformed, changed by his love, to enter into the new life that Jesus Christ has made available to the believer. There is no other way to Father God than through his Word as revealed through the life of Christ our redeemer.

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