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Mens Ministry “Throw off everything that Hinders” – Determination

let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.
And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus,
the pioneer and perfecter of faith.
Discipline causes us to train and to “throw off everything that hinders” our forward movement. That includes our sin, but it also includes seemingly harmless habits or desires that compete with God’s plan for our lives.
But Hebrews 12 tell us our effort won’t simply require discipline. It will also require determination.

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We are looking for 1 million signatures

Hope is rising in America.

We can and will turn back to God.

“This may be the most decisive moment in the history of America as a last stand against unrighteousness. Can a nation be saved in a day? Yes, when women pray! In the 1960s-70s, a million mothers cried out to God for their lost children, and mass salvation broke out. Once again, women must birth a sweeping new Jesus Movement, rising up in the nation as great evangelists and spiritual mothers to turn us back to God.”

Lou Engle

Could another great awakening

flood our nation once more?

Revival is not a possibility, it is an imperative. Women are key, since Scripture reveals how closely heaven attends the prayers of a mother for her children. What if the Jesus Movement of the 1970s was God’s answer to the secret cries of a million moms who refused to abandon their sons and daughters to the rebellion of the ’60s? What if a great gathering of godly women united to lift their voices to heaven?

Could another great awakening flood our nation once more?

In 1997, Men Stood in the Gap. In 2017, Women Rise Up.

In 1997, a million men fought for their families on the National Mall during Promise Keepers’ massive Stand in the Gap event. On the 20th Anniversary of that gathering, mothers from across America will join together to proclaim hope and healing for our nation. On October 9, 2017 women will bend heaven’s ear with a sacrifice of love, high praise and prevailing prayer.

We invite mothers and daughters of America, present and future, to rise together — Esthers and Deborahs; devout women of every age, race and denomination; single women, mothers of children, spiritual mothers. Will you give voice both to the pain and hope of our deeply divided nation? Can you release fresh intercession and the Word of Life for a lost generation?


Beni Johnson

Lisa Bevere

Cindy Jacobs

Raleigh Washington

Devi Titus

Wendi Griffith

Alveda King

Katherine Ruonala

Kristina Sabestinas

Kelsey Bohlender

Dehavilland Ford

Bethany Temple

Elizabeth Tiam Fook

Adrianna Simon

Shara Pradhan Chalmers

Sandi Mcguire

Ivy Chua

Rebecca Francis

Melissa Medina


Julissa Rivera

Lindy Conant and the Circuit Riders

Nicole C Mullen

Far Flung Tin Can

Forever Jones

A day for the unique voice, virtue & moral authority of Eve.

The fabric of the virtuous woman in America is comprised of many colors and strands: Protestant and Catholic, Evangelical and Pentecostal; Asian, Hispanic, Anglo, African and Native; Democrat, Republican and Independent. It is time to make your presence known, your voice heard—united in love and justice in Christ. This is more than an invitation, it is a summons, a divine subpoena to bring the unique witness and moral authority of Eve to bear on the clamor and deceptions at the governmental heart of our nation. Some moments come and go, while others shape history and must not be missed. You can take your daughter to work, or you can teach her how to save a nation in a day. Could hundreds of thousands of women pray and proclaim that America shall be saved, shall choose life, and shall see her children walking with God? On October 9, 2017, can a nation be saved in a day? Our answer: Yes, when the women Rise Up.

Abortion victims deserve love and mercy.
Abortion politics deserve a united, moral outcry.

After 44 years of legalized bloodshed, it is high time for the reversal of Roe v. Wade. The goal of Moral Outcry is to submit one million plus signatures to redress the innocent blood of almost sixty million babies. This petition to the Supreme Court will declare that as a people, we do not accept legalized abortion and believe it to be a crime against humanity.

We urge you to sign today at Then, on Oct. 9, “Sign and Stand” with us in a bold Moral Outcry at TheCall’s Rise Up gathering of women.

“Open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die.”
Prov 31:8

Sign And Stand

Awaken the Dawn! ‘Holy Spirit Woodstock’ Kicks Off Today in DC

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Welcome To The Newsletter Bootcamp!


The Newsletter Bootcamp will show you how you can quickly and easily start and build up a recurring income stream that will allow you to get more customers, build up your business, and make you more money.

The course materials are all quick and easy to put into action, and they are designed to get you up and running in the fastest time possible, and in a nutshell I will be showing you how to build out a successful sales funnel using a newsletter as the driving force to add new leads, and then churn out cash at the other end.

I’ve split the topics into separate modules, and here’s what you can expect to learn:

Module One – Laying The Foundations

Laying the proper foundations is the first important task you must tackle. Much like any house, a business is only as good as it’s foundations, and in this module we look at getting the right footings in place before racing off.

Selecting a niche is possibly the hardest part for most people, it acts as a stumbling block because many find it hard to narrow down the possibilities, or worry that there isn’t scope for the topic they have in mind – for some it literally can be a case of “Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink…”

I’m here to tell you that it’s perfectly fine to feel like that, but let’s get quickly past it and crack on, because there are options for topics everywhere you look.

Module Two – The Crucial Content

The content is the core of your product, and in this module we look at different ways for getting the content together for your newsletter.

Notice that I said ‘getting the content’ and not ‘writing the content’. In this section I’m going to outline a few ways of getting content, as actually writing the content might not be your forte, or you simply might not want to be the content creator.

I’ll also be showing you two important lessons in this module, and these cover The Content Mix and The Content Gap. Understanding these two core concepts will help you create and collate better content which resonates with your readers.

Module Three – Planning & Time Management

One of the key things people underestimate when starting any business is the time it can take to get things running, and keep things ticking over.

In this module you’ll get to see how to effectively plan and manage your time so that you can make sure you’re working on the right things at the right times, and I’ll even share with you some tips that I’ve used to double my output.

Module Four – The Essential Business Models

In this section I’m going to show you five different business models that can be used in any niche or market.

In fact, the models we’re going to introduce don’t have to be used in isolation, you can combine them and tweak them to work with your own particular circumstances to achieve the goals you’re targeting.

Module Five – The Key Stats

When it comes to stats I track virtually everything, because it helps me better manage my business and spot opportunities for making more money.

In this module we’re going to be looking at all the key stats you need to be monitoring to make sure that your newsletter business is growing and heading in the right direction.

These stats can be used across a variety of businesses and products you have, they’re not all just isolated to the newsletter model, so go through each article and make sure you’re monitoring the right things at the right times.

Module Six – The Sales Funnel

Every successful business has a sales funnel in place that let’s them take the customer on a journey and turns them into lifetime cash machines.

Let me outline how creating a sales funnel isn’t just about setting up promotional emails in an auto-responder. There are some crucial elements you need to implement in order to boost your conversions.

Most people miss out several simple but important steps. Get this right and you will see your earnings per customer skyrocket.

Module Seven – Going Live To The World

You know, a newsletter doesn’t actually have to be a newsletter! If writing is not your medium then there are other options open to you, including CD or DVD distribution for those audio or video daemons among you.

I will also show you why going old school and posting your newsletter is still one of the most powerful ways of engaging and retaining your customers.


So that’s a sneak peek of what’s in the course, go dive right in!

Cool Dan.

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