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KENT CHRISTMAS Prophecy for 2018: FULL TRANSCRIPT below:God has been speaking to me prophetically about our nation and about the church, and I have never written

down a prophetic word before in thirty-some years that God has used me prophetically. To

my knowledge I’ve never got behind the pulpit and read a prophetic word of the Lord.

But God has given me so much over the last few days that in my prayer time I could do

nothing but write. So today I’m going to read you a prophecy that God has been giving

me. And this prophecy deals with the nation, it deals with the lukewarm, it deals with

the wicked, and it deals with the righteous. This prophecy is not specifically for this

church, even though The Resting Place is a part of the Body of Christ, this prophecy

that I’m going to give you today is not specifically for this church. So if it doesn’t apply

to you, don’t take it. If it does, then reach out and get a hold of it. It is for the Body of

Christ and because we are live streaming I trust that this word of the Lord will be

released into places that it needs to be released today in the house of the Lord. It starts

out really in a negative. It ends up in a positive. And so, though I am not used to doing

it this way, this is how I felt the Lord lead me today.

The Lord says that, “I am now taking hold of the reins of the nations in the earth and of

My Body, the church. The season of men being in charge is over, and I am now going

to perform the word of My prophets that they have declared for generations.”

“To those in My house who are believers but have left your first love, either return unto

Me your passion, or I am going to remove your candle stick and I will give it to another.

And the light of My presence will no longer be in your life because you did not value the

presence of the Lord.”

“For Christians who no longer value My presence anymore and are lukewarm and My

house has not been a priority in your lives, I’m going to withdraw from you this coming

year” says God. “I have blessed the lukewarm hoping that My blessings would make

you love Me more and want to spend time with Me, but you have fallen in love with My

blessings instead of Me. I am now going to remove My protection that I have had in

your lives and in your house and over your families” says the Lord. “And when you cry

out to Me, I will not answer you in that day.”

“My people have run after preachers and prophets who have lied to them and said ‘it’s

alright to be lukewarm and committed to Me’ and ‘make sin peace in your life’. They

have said that I am only a God of grace and mercy, and though I take no pleasure in

the death of the wicked, I also take no pleasure in My people who honor Me with their

lips but not with their hearts.”


For Christians who have known My holy presence and have been filled with My Spirit

but have put no value on that privilege, I am, in 2018, beginning to remove My presence

from them and they will no longer even feel convicted for the ways that they go in that

are no longer right.”

“I have never asked My children to be perfect, just to be holy. Not to love the world or

the things that are in the world, but to love Me first. What the lukewarm have sold their

souls for in the church, I am now going to take from them and I’m going to give it to my

children who have lived for Me at any cost. And there is going to be great change in the

value system in the house of God. I am not releasing this word today”, says the Lord,

“because I’m looking for people to repent, but I’m releasing this word because I am

absolving Myself of the blood of the lukewarm on the day that you stand and look into

the eyes of your Holy Father. So He who is holy, let him be holy still. And he who is

unclean, let him be unclean.”

“Starting in 2018, I am going to begin to remove many churches in this nation who

have made My house a house of merchandise, but have caused My presence to be hid

from My sheep. For My house shall be called a house of prayer”, says the Lord, “and

not a din of thieves. My house shall be a hospital”, sayeth God, “that shall be filled with

the bruised, the broken, and the needy. And though My house has been filled with

many, it’s not been filled with those who My spirit has reached out to.”

“This final move that I am now releasing in the earth”, sayeth the Lord, “is not a move

that is going to have mixture, but it will be a move of the pure presence of Myself and

of the Shekinah glory of God. I am releasing My glory and My presence in the earth

because the harvest is now ready”, says the Lord “and I have been waiting for laborers

to gather the harvest in.”

“I now say unto the church that I have enough labors”, sayeth God “to bring the

harvest into the house of the Lord. So 2018,” sayeth the Lord “for many houses, your

walls will have to be pushed out”, sayeth God “ for there is an army of men and women

that are getting ready to come into the house of the Lord. And for those that are

laborers”, sayeth God “your labor in My work has not been in vain, but the joy of the

Lord shall be in thee as you watch”, sayeth God “them come in. Not by the hundreds,

and not by the thousands, but by the millions they shall come into the United States of

America and to other nations. And My house again shall be called the house of prayer.”

“As I now begin to release My glory in the nation, there are going to be massive crowds

and abundant supply of financial resources. And great signs and wonders shall not

only be in the church, but shall even begin to be released in Congress and in

governments”, sayeth God “and in places of leadership throughout the world.”

“I have withheld signs and wonders and miracles because the counterfeit church has

made a god out of them and sought them and counterfeited them and would not give

Me glory. 2018 shall be a beginning of the greatest supernatural display of the power


and of the glory of God that man has ever seen. You shall stand in amazement”, sayeth

God “and even the stories that have been told to you by those of another generation

shall not be able to measure up to that which I am getting ready to release in the Body

of Christ for the glory of the Lord. For it is my honor”, sayeth God “to display My

muscle and the power of My might. And though I have been limited”, sayeth God “I am

now no longer limited. For I have an army of believers who have risen up in faith who

have declared ‘Our God can do anything’.”

The days of the Devil and his servants putting a muzzle on my people are over. I now”,

sayeth the Lord “am going to put great men in places of tremendous influence in the

nations. And they will speak with such authority and power that the enemy will not be

able to be challenged. And the voices that have stood on your televisions and have

said that God is dead and that righteousness is evil, and evil is righteousness,” God

said “I am going to smite them. I am now declaring war on the devil and his kingdom

and all his savants which have tried to destroy Me and my people.”

“2018”, sayeth God “will be known and remembered as the year of death in the United

States for the wicked who have been a mouth piece for Satan and also for false

prophets, hirelings, and wolves in sheep’s clothing, and the lukewarm”. God said, “I

am physically going to begin to remove men and women. And when you get up in the

coming years”, sayeth the Lord “you shall be amazed at the names that are going to

begin to leave the earth the have tried to detour the power and the glory of the Lord. I

am going to replace them with men, hallelujah, who have never been heard and women

who have been silenced by the enemy. And they shall stand and speak under the

wisdom and the power of God. And even your news channels”, sayeth the Lord “shall

begin to give them coverage of what God is saying in this hour. In 2018, though it will

be a year of death for the wicked”, God says “it will be remembered as the year of

rebirth and life for the righteous.”

“I now speak as the Eternal Father of Heaven”, says the Lord. “For decades My Son,

Jesus Christ has been ridiculed, discredited, mocked, and ignored by the wicked and

not been given the honor and the reverence by the lukewarm.” God says, “I am now, in

2018, in this nation and in nations around the world, I’m going to vindicate My Son,

Jesus Christ, in the nations. And I am going to lift Him up and His Name, and it will be

a Name above all names in Heaven and earth”, sayeth the Lord. “And the Name of

Jesus again will be on the lips of men and women that are righteous in this country.

And the days of maligning My God”, sayeth the Lord “are going to become over.” God

says, “I am going to bankrupt sports in the year of 2018”, sayeth God. “I am coming

against Hollywood. I am coming against the NFL. I am coming against professional

sports”, sayeth God “and they shall never recover for the spirit that has been within

them. At the same time,” sayeth the Lord “ there is going to be a spirit of honor that is

going to descend upon the house of God and I am going to redeem the integrity of My

people and of My ministry”, says the Lord “and the house of God shall be known as a

house of integrity and righteousness and power”, sayeth the Lord.


“Starting now and continuing into the year 2018, I am going to answer the long term

prayers of the righteous, both in the Spirit and in the natural. For years”, sayeth the

Lord “My children have prayed to Me, and petitioned Me, and asked Me, and

commanded Me, and yet I have been silent until they have wondered ‘God do you even

hear us?’. Yes, I heard you oh righteous children! And not only am I going to answer

your prayers in the Spirit realm, and yes there is going to be revival, and glory, and

restoration” God says “the year 2018 shall be a year of natural blessing upon the house

of God. The Lord said, “moving companies are not going to have enough trucks to

handle the amount of the righteous that are moving out of one house into another”.

God says, “I am going to take businesses”, sayeth the Lord. “I’m going to transfer their

ownership and their deed. And I’m going to give it to men that have struggled but have

tithed and have stood on the things of God and held onto the word of the Lord.”

“2018 will be a year of great reward to those, who with their great sacrifice and faith,

have proved to Me, whether I answered their prayers or not, that they would love Me

and serve Me til they die. And if they die with their prayers not answered, that praise

would still be upon their lips as they cross over from that world to this. I am going to

command the enemy to release,” sayeth God “and restore all that he has stolen from

the righteous men and women in the earth. So that the word of the Lord shall be

fulfilled that declares ‘the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous’. And

though they think because their name is on the deed that it belongs to them”, God said

“I have had this generation of wicked men be just become care takers to nurture and to

take care, and to grow the prosperity that I am getting ready to release unto the house

of the Lord”. God says, “I am going to give you the pick”, sayeth the Lord “even unto

this local church, of a sanctuary that you want”. The Lord says, “there has been praise

that has come up out of this house. And though you have wondered ‘God are we

invisible?’ and ‘Do You know that we are here?’, God says “ your praise has ascended

unto the throne room of the Lord. And so God says, “I am preparing thee a house and

a habitation that shall be beautiful and you shall be as a city that is set upon a hill and

shall not be hid”, sayeth God. “There will be no mortgage”, sayeth the Lord, “that in the

last move of God”, God says, “man and the righteous will not take up three and four

offerings in the house of the Lord trying to fund My Kingdom”, but God says “there will

be such an abundance of the presence of God through money and resource, that we

will have to tell the people enough is enough because thy coffers shall overflow. For the

earth is full of My possessions” sayeth the Lord “and I own cattle on a thousand hills.

Do not think because I have been silent that I have not heard thy voice, but oh the year

of the Lord has been attuned to the cry of my people. And I now stand in this day”,

sayeth God “and I flex the muscle of My arm. And I declare that the earth is Mine. The

church is Mine. Man is Mine. That I made man and he did not make Me. And My word

will not return unto Me void”, sayeth the Lord.

“This move that you are going to see with thy eyes is not a pruning of my house”,

sayeth God “but it is a cleansing. ‘And thou shall (Hebrews 10:31) be fulfilled”, says the



It’s is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

The Lord says that, “I am not going to judge those in this house who have sinned out

of weakness”. God said, “My mercy shall cover you”. But He said, “I am going to judge

those in this nation and My house who have sinned out of choice and rebellion, and

have rejected the ways of God”. “Grace”, sayeth the Lord “and judgement shall flow as

two rivers at the same time from My throne and one shall be to the righteous whom the

world has mocked and ridiculed and the other shall be to the wicked who have said

‘There is no God’. Oh know this”, sayeth the Lord “that when the trumpet sounds all

shall wish they had been as the righteous. For the favor of God is now upon My

people”, sayeth the Lord. “And as though they reaped the plagues in Egypt of the first

few”, God said “I have declared from this day on that I am setting”, sayeth the Lord “a

fence around godly families. And I make a commitment to you”, sayeth the Lord “and

an oath that cancer shall not cross over, and death shall not cross over, and disease

shall not cross over, and the devour shall not cross over. For there is favor upon thee.

And while there grows darkness in this nation, there shall be light in the land of the

righteous”. So the Lord says, “I am loosing a sound of rejoicing in this sanctuary,

hallelujah. And the spirit of heaviness that the enemy has put on you”, sayeth the Lord

“I take off of you. And I put on you the garment of praise. Even get ready”, sayeth the

Lord “that even this week”, sayeth God “My word is going to begin to be fulfilled

because I do not lie and My word shall not return unto Me void. And for those that have

served me for generations and for decades and have wondered ‘God if this is all there

is’, know my son and daughter this is just the beginning of that which is being released.

So choose Me” sayeth the Lord “choose Me and know that the arm of flesh will fail

you, but the arm of God Almighty shall sustain thee forever.” Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

God says, “There have been many that before men, you were ashamed”. God says, “I

can no longer have people who will be ashamed of Me before men”. God said, “I need

you to take a public declaration that from this day on, regardless of the cost, I am

going to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.” God said that, “The last move of the Lord will

never ever be to the lukewarm, but it will be to the unsaved and it will be to the

righteous”. And God said, “I am withdrawing my conviction from those that have heard

Me and I have pleaded and they have not come.” And God said, “You say there’s time.”

God says, “There is no more time, not for the lukewarm. There is for the righteous and

there is for the unsaved.” But the Lord says, “What I am releasing to Resting Place is

so precious and so glorious that I cannot allow it to be put on people who don’t put

value on it”. God says that, “There is a wind of rest that I am beginning to blow. Even

this morning”, sayeth God “I am blowing rest into The Resting Place, hallelujah. I am

blowing rest upon the lives of you faithful men and women that have been so depleted

from the battle”. And God says, “Today I am taking the sword out of thy hand, and I’m

putting a banner of righteousness and praise. And the war is coming to an end with evil

in your life, hallelujah, hallelujah. For the unsaved that are in your families”, God says

“part of my heritage to you, “sayeth the Lord “is that before this coming year is out

many of you are going to stand in this church with your unsaved seed standing beside

you, and they are going to give their hearts to the Lord”. God said, “I am brining


healing to the rifts of families, hallelujah. That there is a bond of unity and love thats

getting ready to hit the house of God”.

And so the Lord says, “I am not angry with thee today. That I released this word

because I am now moving and man is no longer in charge”. And God says this, “I want

you to be in My house. I want you to be in My Kingdom. I want to open the windows of

Heaven on you. I want to bless you”. God says, “I am not angry. You are my love. I take

no pleasure in the death of the wicked”. God said, “what I have is so valuable, that

what I am going to give to committed people is of such price that I can only give it to

people who by faith have declared value on me”. God said, “I have not forgotten the

sacrifices that you have made, the tears you’ve cried, the pain of thy heart, the

rejections, the sufferings, the embarrassments that you have endured for being a

Christian. Know this”, sayeth the Lord “there has been a minority voice of evil, not of

culture that has spoken in this nation”. God says, “now I’m going to muzzle that voice”.

And God said, “there is a voice of righteousness”, and God says “You will sit as you

watch different television news stations, you will look to one another in amazement and

say ‘I can’t believe what I’m hearing’. Because God says, “I am lifting up men and I’m

going to confirm”, sayeth the Lord, “that it is not the days of preaching anymore, but it

is the day of demonstrating. And though there will be preaching in the house of God”,

God says “it will not have the preeminence like it’s had”. But God said, “the greatest

preaching that is going to come forth is there is going to be a confirming of the word,

signs and wonders following”. The Lord says, “it’s even going to be on little children”.

God said, “I’m going to hit My class rooms”. The Lord says, “I am invading the school

system of this nation and these lies”, sayeth the Lord “that have infiltrated”, the Lord

said, “there are going to be professors and teachers that I am going to remove”, sayeth

God “because they have stood in my class rooms and taught this generation that

which is not true of Me”. And the Lord said, “there is a righteous sound”.

Hallelujah, and the Lord also says this, “the flag of this nation shall never fall to the

ground in infamy and embarrassment”, but the Lord said, “I am raising it back up and

as thou has honored the flag”, sayeth the Lord, “thou has honored Me. And know this”,

sayeth God “I breathe on you”, sayeth the Lord. “I breathe on you life. I breathe on you

joy. I breathe on you peace, hallelujah. May the peace of God be upon you, My

children, and may you receive My word today” sayeth the Lord.   

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We are looking for 1 million signatures

Hope is rising in America.

We can and will turn back to God.

“This may be the most decisive moment in the history of America as a last stand against unrighteousness. Can a nation be saved in a day? Yes, when women pray! In the 1960s-70s, a million mothers cried out to God for their lost children, and mass salvation broke out. Once again, women must birth a sweeping new Jesus Movement, rising up in the nation as great evangelists and spiritual mothers to turn us back to God.”

Lou Engle

Could another great awakening

flood our nation once more?

Revival is not a possibility, it is an imperative. Women are key, since Scripture reveals how closely heaven attends the prayers of a mother for her children. What if the Jesus Movement of the 1970s was God’s answer to the secret cries of a million moms who refused to abandon their sons and daughters to the rebellion of the ’60s? What if a great gathering of godly women united to lift their voices to heaven?

Could another great awakening flood our nation once more?

In 1997, Men Stood in the Gap. In 2017, Women Rise Up.

In 1997, a million men fought for their families on the National Mall during Promise Keepers’ massive Stand in the Gap event. On the 20th Anniversary of that gathering, mothers from across America will join together to proclaim hope and healing for our nation. On October 9, 2017 women will bend heaven’s ear with a sacrifice of love, high praise and prevailing prayer.

We invite mothers and daughters of America, present and future, to rise together — Esthers and Deborahs; devout women of every age, race and denomination; single women, mothers of children, spiritual mothers. Will you give voice both to the pain and hope of our deeply divided nation? Can you release fresh intercession and the Word of Life for a lost generation?


Beni Johnson

Lisa Bevere

Cindy Jacobs

Raleigh Washington

Devi Titus

Wendi Griffith

Alveda King

Katherine Ruonala

Kristina Sabestinas

Kelsey Bohlender

Dehavilland Ford

Bethany Temple

Elizabeth Tiam Fook

Adrianna Simon

Shara Pradhan Chalmers

Sandi Mcguire

Ivy Chua

Rebecca Francis

Melissa Medina


Julissa Rivera

Lindy Conant and the Circuit Riders

Nicole C Mullen

Far Flung Tin Can

Forever Jones

A day for the unique voice, virtue & moral authority of Eve.

The fabric of the virtuous woman in America is comprised of many colors and strands: Protestant and Catholic, Evangelical and Pentecostal; Asian, Hispanic, Anglo, African and Native; Democrat, Republican and Independent. It is time to make your presence known, your voice heard—united in love and justice in Christ. This is more than an invitation, it is a summons, a divine subpoena to bring the unique witness and moral authority of Eve to bear on the clamor and deceptions at the governmental heart of our nation. Some moments come and go, while others shape history and must not be missed. You can take your daughter to work, or you can teach her how to save a nation in a day. Could hundreds of thousands of women pray and proclaim that America shall be saved, shall choose life, and shall see her children walking with God? On October 9, 2017, can a nation be saved in a day? Our answer: Yes, when the women Rise Up.

Abortion victims deserve love and mercy.
Abortion politics deserve a united, moral outcry.

After 44 years of legalized bloodshed, it is high time for the reversal of Roe v. Wade. The goal of Moral Outcry is to submit one million plus signatures to redress the innocent blood of almost sixty million babies. This petition to the Supreme Court will declare that as a people, we do not accept legalized abortion and believe it to be a crime against humanity.

We urge you to sign today at Then, on Oct. 9, “Sign and Stand” with us in a bold Moral Outcry at TheCall’s Rise Up gathering of women.

“Open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die.”
Prov 31:8

Sign And Stand

Awaken the Dawn! ‘Holy Spirit Woodstock’ Kicks Off Today in DC

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Upcoming Conferences – River of Life Ministries

Time of Refreshing Conference 2017 in Saskatoon

It’s almost time for our annual conference. This year our guest speakers include:

  • Pastor Allan & Carole O’Soup,
  • Pastor Deborah Mitchell,
  • Evangelist Kurt Bodenmann,
  • Peter Kelleher,
  • Rabbi Gennady Livshits
  • as well as Evangelist Jim Felix.

Come to one of the sessions and find refreshing change through anointed music and prayer. For more information phone 1 (866) 761-7729

Dates and Times

Date Time
Friday, September 22 7:00 pm
Saturday, September 23 1:30 pm & 7:00 pm
Sunday, September 24 10:30 am & 7:00 pm


Allan and Carole O’Soup

Allan and Carole O'Soup Rev. Allan O’Soup is a Saulteaux Native Evangelist, from the Key First Nation in Saskatchewan. His wife, Carole O’Soup is a Cree from Cowessess First Nation in Saskatchewan. At the age of 15, he became involved in alcohol, living a life of alcoholism and violence for many years in different cities in Canada and the United States. In 1978, Allan had an experience with the Lord and was saved, healed and delivered. Now, Allan and his wife, Carole, both are ordained ministers and minister extensively in Canada and the US. They have established a church and Bible school along the Key First Nation in Saskatchewan. They are also involved with FGBMF, tent revivals, prison ministry and evangelistic outreaches throughout Canada and the United States.

Deborah Mitchell

Deborah Mitchell Pastor Deborah Mitchell is an anointed minister, teacher, and singer. She operates in the gifts of the spirit and is the Pastor of Love and Mercy Fellowship in Bayshore, Long Island, NY. She ministers to the homeless and people that are hurting in the streets of New York. She is an international speaker who has travelled across North America, Europe, China, and Africa to provide blessings and anointings. Great blessings are released through her ministry.

Peter Kelleher

Peter Kelleher Rev. Peter Kelleher operates in a unique prophetic and teaching anointing. He has traveled throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, working with Pastors to teach and release the prophetic Word of God to the Body of Christ. Led by the Holy Spirit, he speaks into individual lives to bring revelation of God’s plan and purposes. Rev Peter has prophetically ministered with Apostle Ray Martell for the past 20 years resulting in salvation, healing, and restoration to many. We are entering into a season where God is releasing special miracles for provision supernaturally through impartation by the Word of the Lord.  God is raising up a nation of people that will walk in the supernatural power of God.

Rev Peter is President of Jesus Is Joy Ministries, Inc. and producer of NewHopeToday.TV Contact him at

Kurt Bodenmann

Kurt Bodenmann 12 years of drug and alcohol abuse and 7 near-death experiences (suicide attempt, alcohol overdose, heroin overdose and medication abuse) start Kurt’s story. He died, saw, heard, and smelled hell. But he came back to life to tell his amazing story, and now God uses him for praying for the sick and those that need to be healed and set free.

Rabbi Gennady Livshits

Gennady Livshits In 1985 Jesus touched Gennady’s heart in a dramatic supernatural experience. It was in 1991, when God’s calling on Gennady’s life was put into action. He began working for Sid Roth’s “Messianic Vision.” This Ministry was to pioneer a new congregation amongst the Russian Jewish people in New York City. In 1993 the Lord led the Livshits family to Edmonton, Alberta, to establish their home. Gennady began traveling with his eldest son Larry, ministering in many cities and rural towns all over Canada and the USA. In his travels across North America, Gennady has seen deliverance, healing, and other manifestations of God’s Power.

Jim Felix

Jim Felix Jim Felix is a First Nations Cree Artist from Sturgeon Lake First Nation, Saskatchewan, Canada. He has been in the ministry for over 20 years and has traveled extensively across the country of Canada and many parts of the United States.

Jim has an anointing and a unique style of ministry that brings inspiration to both the young and old everywhere. He has written over 80 inspirational songs and has produced 17 albums. Jim has appeared on numerous television programs including a live tapping on, Trinity Broadcasting Network, (TBN), in Los Angeles, California. His music is heard in FM radio stations throughout Canada and USA. Jim’s albums, “Keep the Faith” and “Contagious” have been both nominated at the Native American Music Awards.


Ramada Saskatoon

806 Idylwyld Drive North
Saskatoon, SK
S7L 0Z6
Phone: (306) 665-6500
Fax: (306) 665-1973

River of Life Ministries

Conference 2017

Pastor Ray is hosting his annual conference September 22-24, 2017. Come experience the power of God and a spiritual awakening. Special guests include Evangelist Jim Felix from Prince Albert, Peter Kelleher from New York and many more! For more information view the conference information.

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Sometimes we underestimate {the importance|the benefit|benefit|the significance|the value} God places on water baptism and we {fail to|omit to|don’t|neglect to|do not} fully appreciate its {spiritual|religious|non secular|psychic|faith based} significance. Two of the ordinances Jesus left {with us|around} which He expected His followers {to observe|to look at|to see|to see or watch|to watch} are water baptism and communion. {In the|Inside|With the|Within the|Inside the} New Testament, water baptism was usually carried out {as soon as possible|asap|at the earliest opportunity|as quickly as possible|at once} after the believer {received|gained|experienced|gotten|acquired} salvation. Communion is to {be taken|be studied|be used} as often as we {have the opportunity|get the chance|have a chance|find a way|be able to} in remembrance of what Jesus did {for us|for individuals|for many people|for people like us|for american} at Calvary. On {the|that|this|your|a} cross, a marvellous transaction {took place|came about|was held|happened|occurred}. Jesus exchanged our sin {for|with regard to|meant for|to get|designed for} His righteousness. Communion reminds us of everything Jesus {has done|is doing|did|has been doing} for us from {His|Their|Your partner’s|This|Her} incarnation, His perfect {life|lifetime|lifestyle|existence|everyday life}, His sacrificial death, {to|to help|to help you|so that you can|to be able to} His victorious resurrection. Communion {should|ought to|will need to|must|have to} stir within us {an|a great|a particular|some sort of|a} expectation of His {return|profit|go back|bring back|give back}. Jesus even bracketed {the time|plenty of time|enough time|the time period|made the effort} frame during which communion {is to be|is usually to be|is|shall be|is planned to be} celebrated—from the Last Supper {until the|before|before the|prior to the|through to the} Day He returns. {On the|Relating to the|In the|Over the|To the} Day of Pentecost {when the|in the event the|when|as soon as|should the} Holy Spirit filled the believers {in the|inside|with the|within the|inside the} upper room and {the|that|this|your|a} church was birthed, Peter preached {the first|the main|the pioneer|the initial|the primary} evangelical sermon in history and concluded {with these|with the|just read the simple|with such|with one of these} words: Acts 2: 36–37 36“ Therefore let {all the|most of the|the many|many of the|each of the} house of Israel {know|fully understand|discover|realize|find out} assuredly that God {has|comes with|provides|offers|has got} made this Jesus, {whom|as to who|which|exactly who|with who} you crucified, both {Lord|Master|Head of the family|Our god|Jesus} and Christ. ” 37Now {when they|right after they|once they|whenever they|should they} heard this, they were cut {to the|to your|on the|with the|for the} heart, and said to Peter and {the rest of the|all of those other|other} apostles, “Men and brethren, {what|precisely what|everything that|just what|what exactly} shall we do? ” Some {choose to|are going to|tend to|love to|prefer to} ignore the problem {of|with|involving|associated with|from} sin, refuse to acknowledge {that they are|quite possibly|likely|oftentimes|that they’re} sinners, and continue {to seek|to hunt|to research|to get|to find} temporal pleasures. Others attempt to {resolve|take care of|solve|get rid of|handle} their sin by {doing|working at|working on|accomplishing|executing} good works or trying {to become a|to become|to turn into a|becoming a|being a} better person, but {they have|they also have|they’ve already|they have perhaps|they’ve got} simply denied the true condition {of their|health of their|on their|within their|of their total} hearts. Others respond {to the|to your|on the|with the|for the} grace of God {and|together with|and additionally|in addition to|along with} put their faith {in|with|within|around|inside} Jesus Christ. When the Holy {Spirit|Heart|Character|Mindset|Nature} convicts someone, and {the truth|in reality|reality|the majority of|truthfully} of the gospel message resonates {within|inside|after only|in just|within just} him, a response {is|is usually|is actually|is normally|can be} mandatory. At this crucial moment {on the|relating to the|in the|over the|to the} Day of Pentecost, {the people|the individuals|the public|people|those} could have accepted, {ignored|avoided|brushed aside|forgotten about|forgotten}, or rejected Jesus Christ. {Similarly|Equally|In the same way|Moreover|Also}, our personal response {upon|with|when|at|after} hearing the gospel message {will|might|can|could|definitely will} determine the direction {of our|in our|your|our|of the} lives and our {eternal|everlasting|timeless|endless} destiny. Hearing that {they had|on the list of|one of several|they|that you had} crucified Christ pierced their hearts and {there was|there would be|there seemed to be|there was clearly|there seems to be} a stirring, but {they were|we were looking at|these folks|these folks were|the pair were} not yet saved. (In {truth|truth of the matter|reality|actuality|fact}, we all crucified Christ. ) Their salvation {would depend|is based on|is based|depends|relies} on their response. {Their|Their own|Ones own|Your|Their particular} question, “What shall {I do|I|I really do|We do|Anways, i do}? ” indicated their acknowledgement {that they|they will|they|them to|they can} were sinners who wanted Jesus {to be|to remain|being|to become|to get} their Saviour. That {day|morning|working day|moment|daytime}, 3000 people believed {the|that|this|your|a} gospel message and received {salvation|solution|answer}. (verse 41). At the birth {of the|in the|with the|for the|within the} church there were 120 disciples, {and|together with|and additionally|in addition to|along with} by Acts, Chapter 6, the disciples had {become a|turn into a|be a} multitude—and that number {is still|holds|’s still|continues to|is} growing today! Saving {faith|confidence|hope|values|trust} requires this response: “… {if you|if you happen to|if you ever|in the event you|in case you} confess with your mouth {the lord|our creator|god, the father|god} Jesus and believe {in your|inside your|in the|within your|as part of your} heart that God has raised Him {from the|in the|with the|through the|within the} dead, you will {be|end up|get|come to be|become} saved. For with {the heart|additional blood gets|the guts|and also the|one’s heart} one believes unto righteousness, {and with|with|obese|is actually|adequate} the mouth confession {is made|is manufactured|is produced|created from|is created} unto salvation. ” (Romans 10: 9-10). {Acts|Antics|Functions|Works|Behaves} 2: 38-41 38Then Peter {said to|thought to|asked|told|believed to} them, “Repent, and let {every one of|each one of|most of|all of|each of} you be baptized {in the|inside|with the|within the|inside the} name of Jesus Christ {for the|for any|to your|with the|for ones} remission of sins; {and you|also, you|and you simply|therefore you|and you just} shall receive the gift {of the|in the|with the|for the|within the} Holy Spirit. When {the people|the individuals|the public|people|those} asked, “What shall {we|people|everyone|most people|you} do? ” Peter’s {answer|option|solution|reply|respond to} was immediate and {precise|appropriate|highly accurate|actual|real}: Repent and put {your|ones|ones own|a|a person’s} faith in Christ; {receive|get|attain|are given|acquire} water baptism; and receive the gift {of the|in the|with the|for the|within the} Holy Spirit, which {is the|is a|could be the|may be the|will be the} baptism in the Holy {Spirit|Heart|Character|Mindset|Nature}. 39For the promise {is to|may be to|is always to|should be to|is usually to} you and to {your children|your sons or daughters|your young ones|kids|the children}, and to all {who are|who ? re|in which are|that happen to be|who’re} afar off, as many {as the|as being the|for the reason that|for the|being the} Lord our God {will|might|can|could|definitely will} call. ” 40And with {many other|all kinds of other|several|some other|other} words he testified {and|together with|and additionally|in addition to|along with} exhorted them, saying, “Be saved {from this|out of this|with this|because of this|created by} perverse generation. ” 41Then {those who|people|those that|individuals who|people who} gladly received his {word|phrase|expression|message|statement} were baptized; and that day {about three|around three|a couple of|several|three} thousand souls were {added to|used with|included in|combined with|added onto} them. The promise of {salvation|solution|answer} is “to all {who are|who ? re|in which are|that happen to be|who’re} afar off, as many {as the|as being the|for the reason that|for the|being the} Lord our God {will|might|can|could|definitely will} call. ” That’s everybody—regardless {of|with|involving|associated with|from} ethnicity, academic, social, {or|and|and also|or even|or simply} economic background. Each time {a new|an alternative|an exciting new|a fresh|a brand new} believer comes to {Jesus|Christ}, the words “that day… souls were {added to|used with|included in|combined with|added onto} them, ” provide a {visual|video or graphic|graphic|aesthetic|cosmetic} picture and assurance {that they are|quite possibly|likely|oftentimes|that they’re} now members of {the body|your system|your physique|the entire body|your body} of Christ and {part of|component of|an important part of|section of|element of} God’s forever family. They have new {brothers and sisters|siblings|friends and family|littermates} in Christ with whom {they can|they are able to|they will|they are|they’re able to} fellowship and share. {The word|The term|The expression|The thought of|The saying} of exhortation Peter had {for them|for your kids|to deal with|for your children|on their behalf} applies to everyone—“ Be saved {from this|out of this|with this|because of this|created by} perverse generation. ” The Bible tells us that {as time passes|after a while|over the years|after some time|eventually} the world will {become more|are more|be|be a little more} perverse. We’re seeing {that every|that|that each|that all|that many} day as wickedness {increases|accelerates|boosts|grows|heightens}, good is called {evil|nasty|malignant|wicked|unpleasant}, and evil is {called|termed|identified as|labeled as|named} good. If sin were classified {as a|for a|being a|to be a|being} disease, the entire world would be {in the midst of|among|dealing with|accompanied by|in the course of} a pandemic. The people’s {response|effect|answer|reaction|reply} was both wonderful {and|together with|and additionally|in addition to|along with} wholehearted. They received Peter’s {words|key phrases|ideas|phrases|words and phrases} with gladness, obeyed, and were baptized in water and {in the|inside|with the|within the|inside the} Holy Spirit. There are {a number of|several|a lot of|various|quite a few} things we can {learn from|study from|study on} this first evangelical {message|principles|note|sales message|meaning}, but the point we can learn {with regard to|pertaining to|meant for|to get|designed for} water baptism is that {salvation|solution|answer} comes first, followed {by|just by|as a result of|simply by|by way of} water baptism. We see this pattern repeated {throughout the|in the|through the entire|during the entire|over the} New Testament: faith {in|with|within|around|inside} Christ, salvation, followed {by|just by|as a result of|simply by|by way of} water baptism. New Testament {Christians|Christian believers} practiced a believer’s baptism. The Bible teaches that only believers {are to be|need to be|can absolutely be|have to be|should be} baptized because water baptism {is not|is not really|is absolutely not|is simply not|isn’t} a ritual, but {a personal|an individual|a particular|a private|a} response to an {encounter|face|knowledge|go through|confront} with God and {an expression|a manifestation} of faith through {an|a great|a particular|some sort of|a} act of obedience. John the Baptist {turned|directed|switched|changed|rotated} away the Pharisees and Sadducees who {came to be|had become|came into existence|was} baptized because they {had|possessed|experienced|previously had|have} neither genuine faith {nor|not|neither|or|none} genuine repentance. (Matthew 3: 7). If {a person is|one is|an individual is|you’re|you, yourself are} water baptized without {a personal|an individual|a particular|a private|a} faith in Jesus Christ, their baptism is {nothing more than|only|simply|treats like|activities like} a meaningless ritual. {One of the|Among the list of|One of many|One of several|One of the many} worst things a believer {can do|can perform|are able to do|is able to do|is capable of} is try to {coax|cajole} an unbeliever to {pray|wish|hope} a prayer of repentance {when they|right after they|once they|whenever they|should they} are unwilling or {lack|shortage|don’t have|have no|are lacking} faith. One problem is {that they|they will|they|them to|they can} may actually believe they’re {saved|rescued|stored|ended up saving|unspent}, when in fact, they had no real faith {at the time|when|right at that moment|at that moment|during the time} they said the prayer, {but|nevertheless|although|nonetheless|however ,} were coerced. Another problem is {that we|that him and i|that any of us|that individuals|we} may think they’re saved {and stop|and|and prevent|preventing|and forestall} praying for their {salvation|solution|answer}.

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