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This week Hugo and Jake see how David handles a loss. Hint, poorly. Also do us a favor and consider donating to doctors without borders!
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24 Responses to “Atheist Bible Study #72:David, King Hypocrite”

  • Thor Chayzarr says:

    Ya know, Ron Jeremy …
    Ya know, Ron Jeremy played Mario in a porno.

  • Damian Freeman says:

    Yay, a non-april …
    Yay, a non-april fool’s video! :D

  • Armoured Skeptic says:

    Eleanor Roosevelt …
    Eleanor Roosevelt had it goin’ ON!

  • TheBibleReloaded says:

    David is kind of a …
    David is kind of a jerk.

  • zoingy101 says:

    unrelated but press …
    unrelated but press add music. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

  • Rory reviewer says:

    Dang guys, at this …
    Dang guys, at this rate you guys are going to be 80 years old by the time
    you finish the Bible.

  • Michael The Awesome says:

    Add Darude …
    Add Darude Sandstorm

  • Emperor's Fist says:

    Well there are at …
    Well there are at least two Super Mario pornos… I have no idea what to
    think about that.

  • VintageMayo says:

    >Boarders …


  • Rude Red says:

    The first penis I …
    The first penis I ever saw was Ron Jeremy’s . We snuck and watched
    at my friend’ house. I was expecting all of them to make me want to moan
    like those women. I was very disappointed. 

  • PufferBluntman says:

    I’ve read in Dave …
    I’ve read in Dave Cullen’s book that this story was read at Eric Harris’
    and Dylan Klebold’s secluded funerals. 

  • StopChanging YT says:

    Darude – Sandstorm
    Darude – Sandstorm

  • Rebecca Beard says:

    During religious …
    During religious education in school we learned about leprosy. And leper
    rhymes with Rebecca. So Rebecca the mustache beard can only be an
    improvement upon those fun years :]

  • Gaykinder says:

    oh PLEASE do one …
    oh PLEASE do one analisys of the gay bromance between king David and prince

  • HitmanNumber86 says:

    I hope someone …
    I hope someone plugs I would, but I’m poor.

  • lonercs says:

    Depending on the …
    Depending on the particular universe, Aquaman is the strongest person ever
    in all of the universe. He has the ability to summon and control any and
    all creatures living in the ocean. Do you know what lives in the deepest,
    darkest pits of the ocean. CTHULHU! Aquaman can summon Cthulhe at will!
    Fuck you, Superman. you Galactica. Cthulhu will rape your mind and eat
    your soul!

  • JRMCNEA says:

    Thanks guys. Now …
    Thanks guys. Now someone has to make a Ron Jeromy compilation where
    every time he cums. The line “It’sa Me! Mario!” playing over it…
    Superimposing a A Mario hat on his head. For extra points…

  • Andrew Tschoepe says:

    I am thoroughly …
    I am thoroughly impressed on the inability to pronounce my last name. No
    one can pronounce it correctly but that may have been the best, worst
    attempt to pronounce it ever.

  • J4ck0f5p4d3s says:

    How ridiculous …
    How ridiculous would an organization need to be to not get a shout out for

  • Gísli Brynjólfsson says:

    Hah! Stupid …
    Hah! Stupid foreigners and their stupid names…

  • Jamey Ridenour says:

    I will never look …
    I will never look at Mario again in the same way.

  • Sally Wolf says:

    Hate to be the one …
    Hate to be the one to break this to you gius but ron jeremy did play mario,
    or rather a parody of him, in super hornio bros…

  • BlakeMcTavishe says:

    Wait… we can …
    Wait… we can sponsor a video for $40?

  • Illtone9 says:

    Ron Jeremy + Super …
    Ron Jeremy + Super Mario = Layin’ Pipe

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