30 Day Free Trial Christianity – Day 1, Beholding Him!


Behold Him and we shall be transformed into His image.

Behold means to gaze upon, fix our eyes upon. This is not a casual glance. Not being an outside observer. Not looking at life, playing the game from the Grand Stand, or from the bleachers.  This means getting up real close and getting your hands in it.


But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.  2Cor.3:18


We with unveiled faces, behold as in a mirror the glory of God, glory of the Lord are being transfigured/transformed into His image and likeness.  We come into this transfiguration and experience just as our Lord Jesus was transfigured on the Holy Mount. We too are being transformed into the Lord’s image.


By continuing to Behold Him, continue to behold His face, continuing to look upon His face. The glory that is on our Lord, the glory that is in His Word, gets in us and changes us from glory to glory.  As we behold Him, He becomes dear to us, we learn to desire Him more than our own lives. He begins to become the meaning for our existence, we can not live without, we have an inward graving, hunger for our Lord, His presence in our worship, we have a deep hunger for His living Word. Indeed His Words become the very bread of life to us.


We see and understand that He is greater and more excellent, so much more glorious than this life of ours in this world.  His desire is to bring us closer to Himself. He says in His Word, draw near to God and He will draw near to you.  He is the initiator of my love-life embrace with Himself.


God’s desire is for us to know Him and to love Him, and to be transformed to be like Him.  If we get close enough, to get to know Him and to understand Him, we will learn to Love Him. His love will begin to consume our lives, His love is like a continual flow of living water that brings refreshing and joy to your souls.


I would always say to other people, if you knew me, you would love me.  Because I am gentle and kind, I consider others above myself, I think of others more than I think of myself.

(Not that I am perfect, but the nature of Christ is being formed in me to be like Him.)


This is really not the real me, but is the Christ our Lord who lives in me and this is His life, His nature that is now living in me.  I am learning to allow His life, His nature, His Word to operate in my life.  I am learning to be drawn near to Him.


I am beginning to understand His Word and am now learning to know and understand His ways and His nature.  His ways are not always like our ways. Moses asked God to teach him the ways of God. 


As I continue to step closer to Him, At First it can be a little uncomfortable.  Just like being in a crowded elevator, this closeness, this close encounter. You can’t wait until the doors open and you can get out.  I remember after a time of fasting and praying to God, asking him to change my heart to reveal Himself, to make His Word real in my life. I began to hear the voice of God, the Words of the Bible were being brought to my mind and my soul in a refreshing way. Almost effortless, stream of living water, the Word was bubbling up from my spirit, by the Spirit of the Lord, He was giving me that living water. Just as the woman at the well asked, Lord, give me that living water.

But after a while, I could hardly handle it. It began to be uncomfortable to my flesh. I realized now that my flesh wanted to be in control. My flesh wanted to be in control, directing my thinking.  But as the days went by and I continued to return to the Well, where I tasted of that living water. He was gracious enough to continue to feed by the water of His Word.


God through His love for us is bringing us closer to Himself, that when we are this close, we can begin to fell His very breathe.  Just as John the beloved was so close to Jesus that he knew our Lord’s way and temperament. New His breath and heart beat. Our Lord wants to give us not only a heart after God. But He wants to share His very own heart with us.


Our Lord wants to reveal to us the passion that He has for our lives. This passion, this love that He has for us. He wants us to really know Him, to love Him, to be filled with the very heart of God.  Let His love and passion transform your live and you will never be the same. You will never want to go back. I want to see the heart of God to be imparted into the lives of His people today.


By His Grace we are saved, not of works of man…


Peter Kelleher


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