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The Father’s Love. 

We all need to know that our Natural Father loves us, just as all children need to know that their Heavenly Father Loves and cares for them.

There is an emptiness in our lives, in our hearts that only Fathers love can fill. This love of the Father heals wounds, removes the hurt, the emptiness, the sense of no value, low self esteem. Fathers Love gives acceptness, warm and joy like no other. Fathers love his words bring comfort and strength, you can hold onto his words in times of your deepest needs. You can run and live life to its fullest know the Fathers love and have received him and his life through Jesus Christ who loves you. He knows the Fathers love and is one with him, he and the Father are one as you receive the Fathers love, as you receive Jesus into your heart, into your life. You will find that the love of God is being poured out, in filling our heart with Father love and his peace through God’s Holy Spirit which has been given to you.

This is Love, this is Life, Fathers Love.

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Discipleship Resources for Men Offered for $ Free

At the 57th General Council in Anaheim, California, in August, Assemblies of God Men’s Ministries unveiled a new logo, a new website, and a new collection of quality resources that can be downloaded for free.

In addition to a free daily devotional that can be accessed on the Men’s Ministries website or sent directly to an email address, the new Men’s Ministries’ site offers small group studies, that can also be used by individuals, created from the sermon series of leading Assemblies of God pastors.

Discipleship Resources for Men Offered for $ Free

Discipleship Resources for Men Offered for $ Free

According to Rick Allen, national director of Men’s Ministries, the studies are geared specifically for men and are divided into four key dimensions of manhood: Identity, Relationships, Purpose, and Vision.

Within each study, there are three spiritual growth tracks that allow for flexibility for leaders or personal study. The growth tracks include Courage — designed for men just starting out on their spiritual journey with Christ; Strength — directed toward men looking to strengthen and grow their relationship with Christ; and Endurance — for those men in key leadership positions and desiring a deeper sense of their spiritual purpose in ministry.

“The ultimate desire of Men’s Ministries is to assist men to discover and/or develop their God-ordained place in their home, church, and marketplace,” Allen says. “I believe we are beginning a new chapter in Men’s Ministries that will contribute to a future of spirit-empowered men, fathers, servant-leaders, and pastors.”

There are currently 41 small group studies (over 150 lessons) on the Men’s Ministries website for free download with two of them already translated into Spanish. The series vary in length from three to 12 lessons, with new lessons being added monthly in both English and Spanish.

“I’ve been involved in Men’s Ministries for over 25 years and have never been more excited about the future of Men’s Ministries in the Assemblies of God,” states Dale Gray, Arizona Ministry Network Men’s Ministries director. “We recently had our men’s conference and one pastor said, ‘In my lifetime, I have never seen a website with so many resources that make sense for men.’”

Since the launch of the new discipleship resources at General Council, Men’s Ministries reports that they have had over 2,000 downloads of the new materials.

Men need to get together for fellowship and share their faith and experiences with the Lord and family.

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A group of pro-life advocates with Church @ The Rock in Brooklyn, New York, will continue their activities outside a Jamaica, New York, abortion clinic uninterrupted, despite unfounded accusations by an abortion-supporting Attorney General.

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Israel’s Ministerial Legislative Committee will vote Sunday on whether or not to annex 19 settlements which would become part of Jerusalem.

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A mother who allegedly assaulted her 13-year-old daughter after she failed to correctly recite Bible verses earlier this year was sentenced to two-and-a-half to five years in state prison Wednesday after she pleaded guilty to aggravated assault, strangulation, terroristic threats and endangering the welfare of a child.

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The family of a 12-year-old Virginia boy who was abducted by a gunman who asked him for a kiss on Sunday afternoon are now praising God after the boy jumped out of the man’s moving vehicle and survived with only minor injuries.

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It’s easy to ignore the painful, messy, universal experience of birth that Jesus was referring to.

Sometimes I tell people I’m an E. K., an evangelist’s kid. I heard my father use the words born again all the time. By the time I was an adult, the term had lost any meaning beyond the idea of “coming to Jesus” or praying a prayer that led to spiritual change. Born again was a label for the moment of conversion, but I had never thought of it as related to the concept of birth itself.

That was until I was studying the Gospel of John for my PhD and became pregnant with my second child, my son, Atticus. I came upon that familiar story in John 3 where Nicodemus meets with Jesus to speak with him.

I was struck by how many times the words born or birth are repeated in John 3, in part because I was preparing for my own son’s birth. I was also surprised that scholars describe John as mixing his metaphors when talk of being born again (v. 7) turns into talk about the wind of the Spirit (v. 8). I had started rethinking how metaphors work and I wanted to know what was with all of this birth language, and were these actually mixed metaphors or were they something else?

The way we interpret metaphors has recently shifted. Where previously metaphors were understood as equivalent statements (for example, “the man is a wolf” could be made into “the man is aggressive”), metaphor scholars such as George Lakoff, Gilles Fauconnier, and Mark Turner now argue that it is as important to pay attention to how the metaphor speaks to us as what the metaphor means. In fact, the how often provides a deeper understanding of the what. If we say “the man is a wolf,” it matters that wolves are not only aggressive but also sly and known for trickery. Thus, it matters that the man is compared …

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Believers in Bangladesh and Pakistan aid fellow persecuted minority fleeing Myanmar (Burma).

Christians in Bangladesh and Pakistan are rallying to support Rohingya Muslims, a fellow persecuted minority in South Asia.

Since August, Rohingya refugees have fled targeted violence in Myanmar, the predominantly Buddhist country (formerly known as Burma) where they have long been denied citizenship or official government recognition.

The “Muslim community is not alone in their hard times,” Chaudhry Amon Emmanuel, a Pakistani Christian social activist and youth leader, told Christians in Pakistan. “We stand by them for their basic right to live. We urge [the] Myanmar government to stop these atrocities on [an] immediate basis.”

An estimated half million Rohingya have left Myanmar to move to Pakistan, most from a former exodus back in the 1960s and ’70s.

Dozens of Pakistani Christians met in front of the National Press Club in Karachi last month to protest Myanmar’s treatment of the mostly Muslim minority. Another event was held in Islamabad for pastors and Christian leaders to address the crisis. Asiya Nasir, a Christian politician, said:

Our Christian leadership and community stand in solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters in Rohingya. Our prayers are with them in this difficult time. Daily prayers will be offered for protection and safety of innocent lives. Christian leadership of Pakistan requests the international community and human rights leaders to speed up the efforts to save our Muslim brothers and sisters in Rohingya.

Fellow Christian groups, familiar with defending their own against religious persecution, spoke up with similar messages. Sheheryar Shams, chairman of Pakistan’s Christian Citizens Forum and a lawyer, condemned Myanmar’s decision to classify the …

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