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Hello, it’s Michael Robinson.

As one of Bitcoin’s earliest investors…

I was part of a very small but fortunate group of people who had the opportunity to capture historic gains of 178,559,900%.

It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Not only because of the massive profits involved…

But also because there’s still nothing like the thrill and satisfaction you feel from  getting “in” early… and just knowing you didn’t miss out on the greatest investment boom in history.

Right now, I believe you have that exact same opportunity with Ethereum. This is your chance to take part in the next cryptocurrency gold rush.

That’s why I’m so proud to be able to rush you The Fast Track to an Ethereum Fortune today.

Ethereum takes Bitcoin’s revolutionary technology and improves on it in every conceivable way.

That’s why major banks and financial firms like JP Morgan Chase , Credit Suisse and Mastercard are getting ready to integrate it into their operations.

And why Fortune 500 tech companies like Microsoft, Intel and Samsung are joining the movement…

And why  global powerhouses like Toyota, Airbus, and British Petroleum are backing it too.

Make no mistake: Ethereum is primed to dominate the entire cryptocurrency market.

And if you act now on the trades I recommend in your package, you’ll have opportunity to be one of the earliest investors – with a real chance of becoming a millionaire – very fast.

The Fast Track to an Ethereum Fortune is your path to true financial independence.

The millionaire-making trades I reveal in this package give you the chance to live the life of your dreams.

You could pay off your mortgage… eliminate all your credit card debt… travel the world.

And rather than taking the ordinary route of spending 30 years on the job carefully socking away money into a 401k…

You could become rich with just a few mouse clicks

In fact you could be looking 86,115% windfall in the years ahead.

That means every $50 you invest today could pay you $43,107.
Every $250 could transform into $215,537.
And every $500… $431,075.
Even if Ethereum achieves even half the growth of Bitcoin you could easily see millions in profits from a tiny initial stake.

And thankfully The Fast Track to an Ethereum Fortune makes it easy.

Every last detail of how you can make millions with Ethereum is spelled out in my exciting multi-media package:

The Fast Track to an Ethereum Fortune

Here’s everything you’ll get:

7 Minutes to Seven Figure:
How To Quickly Secure Ethereum For 50% Off!

This video guide will show you how to quickly and cheaply grab your Ethereum stake and transform it into a life-changing sum of money.You’ll learn my trick for buying “Wholesale Ethereum” where you can effectively grab $100 worth of this digital currency for every $50 you spend.

This video will also show you how to get an “Ethereum Advance” where you can lock up a big stake without having to spend a dime up front.
The Ultimate Ethereum Playbook:
Harness the Speed Trades the Pros Use to Grow Rich

This second video shares the little-known tactics top traders have used to become self-made millionaires. It includes the Ethereum 5-1 Multiplier, the $1 Million Ethereum Jackpot Trade, and the and the legendary “5-5-7 Combo.”
Retire on Ethereum Easy Street:
Flip on This 200% Income Stream, Kick Back and Watch the Paychecks Roll in!

This comprehensive guide lays out the secret behind cashing a “$100 dividend” – every single day.

And this “dividend” rises along with Ethereum’s price! So your $100 could soon turn to $250 or even $350.
The Ethereum Inner Circle Featuring Dr. Gavin Wood
The Crypto-Billionaire’s Roadmap to Unimaginable Wealth

This exclusive video report allows you to hear from the man who personally created Ethereum’s software code.

Dr. Wood shares the details on massive players moving into the space – including a foreign government who’s actions could result in as much as $578.6 billion flowing into this digital currency, sending the price skyrocketing.

Enjoy the Lifestyle of an Ethereum Millionaire
Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed of Buying Can Be Yours!

This report shows you how to spend your massive potential investment gains on everything from a Mercedes G-Class SUV to an exotic vacation home.
This is the most comprehensive cryptocurrency investing package ever created.

And I’m thrilled to be able to bring it
to you for FREE today

It’s yours at NO COST when you accept a 100% risk free subscription to my Nova-X Report.

The fact is – my greatest investment victories – whether from Bitcoin or microchip manufacturer Nvidia… or from the dozens upon dozens of double- and triple-digit tech gains I’ve recommended over the years haven’t occurred in a vacuum.

They’ve come directly from my network of individuals I’ve built over my 34 years in Silicon Valley.

This network includes some of the America’s most brilliant CEOS and high-net worth individuals venture capitalists, and investors…dozens of men and woman in Silicon Valley who are inventing and marketing new technologies that will change the world.

I’m talking about people like just like Dr. Gavin Wood, the co-founder of Ethereum.

The biggest moneymakers in Silicon Valley all essentially use the same formula for growing their wealth.

Big Product + Big Market + Big Team = Big Potential Windfall.

Ethereum fits that perfectly.

But it’s not the first – or last example.

My team and I at Money Morning are constantly working to bring the hottest “disruptive technology” stock opportunities to our readers.

And our incredible track record reflects these peak gains:

Stock % Gains Stock % Gains
Galápagos NV 402% Horizon Pharma 337%
NetQin Mobile Inc. 396% Neurocrine Biosciences 400%
NXP Semiconductors 380% Celldex Therapeutics 629%
Inovio Pharmaceuticals 361% Novavax 300%
Repligen Corporation 418% Qorvo 200%
Ambarella 663% Gilead Sciences 411%
Dyax Corp. 406% Ram Energy Resources 421%
Westport Innovations 543% Pharmacyclics 818%

Today, I’m inviting you to join in on a chance at these massive gains when you accept a one-year subscription to the Nova-X Report.

Say YES, and I’m going to immediately begin using my connections and expertise from over three decades spent in the heart of Silicon Valley to help you grow your net worth.

As a member you’ll receive:

12 Monthly Editions of the Nova-X Report – Through this one-of-a-kind newsletter, I’m going to identify the massive ground floor investment opportunities that could deliver multibillion-dollar windfalls to those who get in early. Each monthly edition of Nova-X Report will be delivered to both your mailbox and email inbox.
24 Exciting Investment Recommendations – You’ll receive streamlined analysis on each target.

I’ll brief you on every revenue stream, upcoming deal, and patented technology. And I’ll provide you with an estimated timeline I anticipate the trade to last.
Real-Time Trade Alerts – Whenever the moment arrives to sell any position in Nova-X portfolio, I will release a sell alert with clear and concise instructions.
The Nova-X Weekly Progress Report – Every week I will send you a thorough review of each of our open positions.
Exclusive Multimedia Briefings – Whenever I sit down and interview the top-level executives at the companies we’re targeting, I bring a camera and share this footage with you.
24/7 Access to Nova-X HQ – This members-only website contains every past edition, bonus report, weekly update, and a daily performance tracker.
The V.I.P. Concierge Service – My team is always ready to help you answer any questions you have regarding your membership.
The regular price for a one-year subscription to Nova-X Report is $299.

However, if you accept this invitation today I’m going to authorize an instant 87% discount.

That means you can subscribe for only $39.

This is the lowest price I’ve ever offered. And it includes my entire Fast Track to an Ethereum Fortune – for free.  My special gift to you for joining me at the Nova-X Report today.

The Fast Track to an Ethereum Fortune which includes:
7 Minutes to Seven Figures $149 value
The Ultimate Ethereum Playbook $149 value
Retire on Ethereum Easy Street $99 value
The Ethereum Inner Circle Featuring Dr. Gavin Wood $99 value
Enjoy the Lifestyle of an Ethereum Millionaire $49 value
12 Issues of the Nova-X Report $299 value

Total value of this package: $844
You Pay Just $39

And it gets even better…

I’m going to give you one month of free access to Bill Patalon’s Private Briefing.

Staying on top of investment trends during the coming years will be imperative, and that is why I am giving you the next month of daily issues of the Private Briefing newsletter for free.

Each month, global market “visionary” Bill Patalon uncovers the most profitable breakthroughs and opportunities on earth.

At the end of your 30-day trial, you will automatically be billed $99 each for a one-year subscription to Private Briefing.

That’s $200 off the normal price – a savings of nearly 70%.

Of course, if at any time during your trial you decide Nova-X Report or Private Briefing isn’t for you, simply contact us, and you won’t be charged a dime. Ever. No questions asked.

That makes this an unprecedented deal… one never offered before…

An offer too good to pass up.

However, I can only make this low price available to you through this special offer.

Only 1,000 Memberships Available Today.

Supplies are limited.

So I’m only making 1,000 of Nova-X Report membership slots available today.

I anticipate these openings filling up in a matter of hours.

And I certainly can’t guarantee I’ll be able to accept any new members tomorrow.

In other words, if you want in… NOW is the time to act!

Your membership will include two 100% risk-free guarantees.

Guarantee #1: 60-day Money Back Guarantee
I understand that if, for any reason, I feel the Nova-X Report is not right for me, I can simply contact the member concierge service in the next 60 days and I will receive a full refund of my membership.

Guarantee #2: The Chance for at Least 5,000% Gains in Ethereum Over The Next 12 Months… Or I’ll Work For Free
I understand I could be rewarded with an 86,115 windfall in Ethereum in the year’s ahead. But Ethereum is just getting started. So Michael Robinson is guaranteeing that if Ethereum does not gain at least 5,000% gains in my initial 12 months, I can call, and receive an additional 12-month membership for free.

To get started, simply complete the secure form below.

Time is of the essence.

Ethereum’s incredible technology is rapidly by being recognized and as more big banks and billionaires swoop in, the value will soar.

But you still have a chance to get in before that happens.

This is your chance to be one of the early big winners in the next cryptocurrency gold rush – and become a millionaire.

So please take a few moments to fill out the short form below.

And I’ll rush you The Fast Track to an Ethereum Fortune.

But you must hurry, as I only have 1,000 of these packages available today.

I look forward to working with you.

To Your Success,

Michael Robinson
Founder, Nova-X Report

Gold Package: BEST DEAL

Includes $695 Worth of EXTRA Gifts! Yours For Only $79!

Your Nova-X Report Gold Membership includes EVERYTHING in the Silver Package PLUS $695 worth of exclusive upgrades and bonus reports.

The Gold Package Includes:

Upgraded two-year membership to Nova-X Report $598 value
Gold Bonus Report #1: The Roadmap To Marijuana Millions $99 value
Gold Bonus Report #2: The Real Way to Grow Rich From the Virtual Reality Boom $99 value
Gold Bonus Report #3: Punch Your Ticket to a 1,000% Payday From This $346 Billion Gene Silencing Breakthrough $99 value
Gold Bonus Report #4: One Small Investment Makes You a Big Partner in 24 Pre-IPO Titans $99 value
60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee!  

Silver Package: GREAT DEAL

You pay only $39 for a one-year membership to Nova-X Report (Value: $299).

The Silver Package includes the full Fast Track to an Ethereum Fortune video series.

The Fast Track to an Ethereum Fortune Video Series $598 value
7 Minutes to Seven Figures $149 value
The Ultimate Ethereum Playbook $149 value
Retire on Ethereum Easy Street $99 value
The Ethereum Inner Circle $99 value
Enjoy the Lifestyle of an Ethereum Millionaire $49 value
60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee!  

When you purchase a two-year subscription to Nova-X Report, you’ll receive all the benefits listed above including a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. On your two-year anniversary, you will automatically be charged $99 for an additional year. And you will lock in that low yearly rate for as long as you choose to stay a member. You can cancel at any time. Simply contact us.

Additionally, at the end of your one-month triald to Private Briefing, you will automatically be charged $99 for an additional year. And you will lock in that low yearly rate for as long as you choose to stay a member. You can cancel at any time. Simply contact us.

Billing Information

My name is Gabe Oropollo. I’m the Director of VIP Relations here at Money Morning.

Thank you for your order. You should receive your confirmation email for your order shortly.

Before you go away, I’d like to say a few words…

If you have five minutes, contact my team of VIP representatives.

It’s in your best interest to do so. We have exclusive access to special deals and payment plans that no one else can offer you.

You have nothing to lose by calling us. We’re happy to work out a deal.

My team and I can be reached at 855.509.6600 or 443.353.4770 (international) and we are available from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (EST).

Ask us questions. Tell us your concerns, etc.

We want to help you in any way possible.

Thanks for your time,

Gabe Oropollo
Director, VIP Relatio

Special Announcement

Please Review the Important Information Below
Regarding Your Membership

Including a Major Upgrade Opportunity You’ve Been Granted

Congratulations on joining the Ethereum revolution!

99% of people will follow the explosive growth of Ethereum from a distance and never take action.

And in a few short years when the price skyrockets, they’ll mutter to themselves “If only…”

But not you.

You’re a member of the 1% that has already taken a front row seat.

A seat that could literally be worth millions as Ethereum climbs atop the already massively expanding cryptocurrency sector.

I am thrilled for you.

And while Ethereum is a unique example of life-changing technology, this overall theme is a common one.

The rise of a disruptive technology that wipes out tired incumbents, making early investors incredibly rich.

We’ve seen digital cameras do it to Kodak….

Facebook do it to Myspace….

And now Ethereum is doing it to Bitcoin.

Technology disruptions like these have created more millionaires and billionaires than any other sector on earth.

But this theme doesn’t stop here. And I’m tracking a series of investment recommendations, both inside and outside the cryptocurrency space that dwarf anything the technology world has seen before.

I’m talking about breathtaking profit potential in every type of technology imaginable:

The world changing emergence of Big Data and Cloud Computing
Eye opening opportunities in nanotechnologies the size of red blood cells
The coming dominance of wireless chips, sensors, and the Internet of Everything
Enormous new discoveries in medical science, including RNAI technology, Biologics, and Genomics
Massive opportunities in Robotics and the “New Bionics”
Breakthrough miracle materials like graphene…
Look – this isn’t some academic theory of mine….

I’ve been in Silicon Valley for over 35 years, working an advisor to the venture capital and technology industry.

I specialize in identifying early-stage funding opportunities for these disruptive technologies.

In 1985, I was granted early access to sensitive military projects tied to President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative.

In the late 1990s, I met with a group of technology leaders just a few miles north of Silicon Valley, and we mapped out what would become the $160 billion “cloud computing” industry.

After the millennium, I worked with Dave DeWalt, the former CEO of McAfee on cyber security technologies, just before Intel acquired that company for $7.8 billion.

I was involved in writing about the early stages of a technology called MEMS, or “microelectromechanical systems.”

These tiny sensors are able to detect the precursors for cancer and heart disease decades before they threaten your body.

In 2006, the company, along with their technology, was sold for $126 million.

And today, it’s at the forefront of what is about to be a $7 trillion global industry.

It’s this venture capital experience I have that has given me the connections needed to provide my readers with the best expert information and recommendations to get in on the ground floor of explosive opportunities in biotech, military defense, supercomputing, 3D printing, and every other cutting-edge breakthrough.

Take, for example, Repligen. The venture capital money trail led me to recommend this under-the-radar biotech player, and it transformed into a 200% winner.

Organovo’s 3D bioprinting breakthroughs caused shares to rise 200% starting just 38 days after I shared it with readers.

Thanks to uncovering its “Cyberknife” robotic surgery technology early on, I was able to get folks in on the ground floor of Accuray. That recommendation delivered 169% gain in cumulative moves after just ten months.

And I have just revealed a single device set to end cancer, heart and respiratory diseases… every illness. It costs under $50, is FDA approved… and the critical patents for this device are controlled by a small, under-the-radar company.

Analysts are predicting industry revenue for this technology is set to surge 63,000% between 2016 and 2017.

I want to share this opportunity with you.

And I want you by my side for every new opportunity I uncover.

With that in mind, I have something exciting to tell you.

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Imagine being given the chance, for the rest of your life, to take part in investments like:

200%, 178%, and 179% peak gains on Repligen, Micron Technology, and Qorvo Inc.
I want to bring these opportunities to you.

Plus More…

Every trade recommendation…
Every bonus report…
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Every monthly forecast…
Every members-only video…
You now have access to it all forever.

It’s a way for you to cash in on the biggest paydays.

Subscribing to Nova-X Report regularly retails at $299 a year.

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It’s a lifetime membership

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Never again.

Nova-X Report
Published Price: $299 a year
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Members who have followed my combined services have had a shot at 52 winners (or currently open positions) that have offered double- or triple-digit gains.

Dyax Corp.148%
Micron Technology178%
LIN TV178% (cumulative gains)
Qorvo Inc.178%
Accuray Inc.169% (cumulative gains)
Repligen Corp.200%
Santarus Inc.104%
Autobytel 103%
I’m proud to say winners like these have brought great profits to my subscribers:

“You have tripled my net worth.”
– Bob Kreen
“I made approximately 125k for the year.”
– Carter Roberts
“Michael, I have a wife and two kids. You have helped my young family recover from the 2008 crisis where we lost everything, including our home. Thanks to you I have been able to rebuild my nest egg.”
– Ryan Jared
“Closed out your recommendation in ARAY for a $2,500 profit on a $7,500 investment in less than a month. I will be a lifetime subscriber to your service”
– James Terrell
There Are Only 100 Lifetime Memberships Available Today and I’ve Set Aside One for You!

We keep our ranks small on purpose. We want to make sure every member is given all of the tools and resources they need.

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If at any time in the first 90 days, you’re not completely satisfied with the recommendations, the in-depth analysis, the potential gains, or anything else about Nova-X Report, just say the word. I’ll promptly refund every penny of your subscription price. That’s a 100% refund, no questions asked

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To Your Success,

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(No debit cards please.) When you pay for a Nova-X Report membership with your credit card, you will be billed $299. Each year we will automatically bill you a small annual maintenance fee of $29 we must charge to cover administration costs. Without it, we could not make this lifetime offer to you. You are free to cancel your account any time within the 30-day trial period and receive a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied.

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We want to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy and successful new year! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being part of the God Speaks community.

At God Speaks we believe God has given all Christians the opportunity to do GREAT things in life. Being able to do great things often begins with learning the skills necessary to achieve on your dreams and visions. That’s what God Speaks is all about: discipling, teaching and mentoring Christians to build companies, achieve your goals and take the lead in the marketplace. 

KENT CHRISTMAS Prophecy for 2018: FULL TRANSCRIPT below:God has been speaking to me prophetically about our nation and about the church, and I have never written

down a prophetic word before in thirty-some years that God has used me prophetically. To

my knowledge I’ve never got behind the pulpit and read a prophetic word of the Lord.

But God has given me so much over the last few days that in my prayer time I could do

nothing but write. So today I’m going to read you a prophecy that God has been giving

me. And this prophecy deals with the nation, it deals with the lukewarm, it deals with

the wicked, and it deals with the righteous. This prophecy is not specifically for this

church, even though The Resting Place is a part of the Body of Christ, this prophecy

that I’m going to give you today is not specifically for this church. So if it doesn’t apply

to you, don’t take it. If it does, then reach out and get a hold of it. It is for the Body of

Christ and because we are live streaming I trust that this word of the Lord will be

released into places that it needs to be released today in the house of the Lord. It starts

out really in a negative. It ends up in a positive. And so, though I am not used to doing

it this way, this is how I felt the Lord lead me today.

The Lord says that, “I am now taking hold of the reins of the nations in the earth and of

My Body, the church. The season of men being in charge is over, and I am now going

to perform the word of My prophets that they have declared for generations.”

“To those in My house who are believers but have left your first love, either return unto

Me your passion, or I am going to remove your candle stick and I will give it to another.

And the light of My presence will no longer be in your life because you did not value the

presence of the Lord.”

“For Christians who no longer value My presence anymore and are lukewarm and My

house has not been a priority in your lives, I’m going to withdraw from you this coming

year” says God. “I have blessed the lukewarm hoping that My blessings would make

you love Me more and want to spend time with Me, but you have fallen in love with My

blessings instead of Me. I am now going to remove My protection that I have had in

your lives and in your house and over your families” says the Lord. “And when you cry

out to Me, I will not answer you in that day.”

“My people have run after preachers and prophets who have lied to them and said ‘it’s

alright to be lukewarm and committed to Me’ and ‘make sin peace in your life’. They

have said that I am only a God of grace and mercy, and though I take no pleasure in

the death of the wicked, I also take no pleasure in My people who honor Me with their

lips but not with their hearts.”


For Christians who have known My holy presence and have been filled with My Spirit

but have put no value on that privilege, I am, in 2018, beginning to remove My presence

from them and they will no longer even feel convicted for the ways that they go in that

are no longer right.”

“I have never asked My children to be perfect, just to be holy. Not to love the world or

the things that are in the world, but to love Me first. What the lukewarm have sold their

souls for in the church, I am now going to take from them and I’m going to give it to my

children who have lived for Me at any cost. And there is going to be great change in the

value system in the house of God. I am not releasing this word today”, says the Lord,

“because I’m looking for people to repent, but I’m releasing this word because I am

absolving Myself of the blood of the lukewarm on the day that you stand and look into

the eyes of your Holy Father. So He who is holy, let him be holy still. And he who is

unclean, let him be unclean.”

“Starting in 2018, I am going to begin to remove many churches in this nation who

have made My house a house of merchandise, but have caused My presence to be hid

from My sheep. For My house shall be called a house of prayer”, says the Lord, “and

not a din of thieves. My house shall be a hospital”, sayeth God, “that shall be filled with

the bruised, the broken, and the needy. And though My house has been filled with

many, it’s not been filled with those who My spirit has reached out to.”

“This final move that I am now releasing in the earth”, sayeth the Lord, “is not a move

that is going to have mixture, but it will be a move of the pure presence of Myself and

of the Shekinah glory of God. I am releasing My glory and My presence in the earth

because the harvest is now ready”, says the Lord “and I have been waiting for laborers

to gather the harvest in.”

“I now say unto the church that I have enough labors”, sayeth God “to bring the

harvest into the house of the Lord. So 2018,” sayeth the Lord “for many houses, your

walls will have to be pushed out”, sayeth God “ for there is an army of men and women

that are getting ready to come into the house of the Lord. And for those that are

laborers”, sayeth God “your labor in My work has not been in vain, but the joy of the

Lord shall be in thee as you watch”, sayeth God “them come in. Not by the hundreds,

and not by the thousands, but by the millions they shall come into the United States of

America and to other nations. And My house again shall be called the house of prayer.”

“As I now begin to release My glory in the nation, there are going to be massive crowds

and abundant supply of financial resources. And great signs and wonders shall not

only be in the church, but shall even begin to be released in Congress and in

governments”, sayeth God “and in places of leadership throughout the world.”

“I have withheld signs and wonders and miracles because the counterfeit church has

made a god out of them and sought them and counterfeited them and would not give

Me glory. 2018 shall be a beginning of the greatest supernatural display of the power


and of the glory of God that man has ever seen. You shall stand in amazement”, sayeth

God “and even the stories that have been told to you by those of another generation

shall not be able to measure up to that which I am getting ready to release in the Body

of Christ for the glory of the Lord. For it is my honor”, sayeth God “to display My

muscle and the power of My might. And though I have been limited”, sayeth God “I am

now no longer limited. For I have an army of believers who have risen up in faith who

have declared ‘Our God can do anything’.”

The days of the Devil and his servants putting a muzzle on my people are over. I now”,

sayeth the Lord “am going to put great men in places of tremendous influence in the

nations. And they will speak with such authority and power that the enemy will not be

able to be challenged. And the voices that have stood on your televisions and have

said that God is dead and that righteousness is evil, and evil is righteousness,” God

said “I am going to smite them. I am now declaring war on the devil and his kingdom

and all his savants which have tried to destroy Me and my people.”

“2018”, sayeth God “will be known and remembered as the year of death in the United

States for the wicked who have been a mouth piece for Satan and also for false

prophets, hirelings, and wolves in sheep’s clothing, and the lukewarm”. God said, “I

am physically going to begin to remove men and women. And when you get up in the

coming years”, sayeth the Lord “you shall be amazed at the names that are going to

begin to leave the earth the have tried to detour the power and the glory of the Lord. I

am going to replace them with men, hallelujah, who have never been heard and women

who have been silenced by the enemy. And they shall stand and speak under the

wisdom and the power of God. And even your news channels”, sayeth the Lord “shall

begin to give them coverage of what God is saying in this hour. In 2018, though it will

be a year of death for the wicked”, God says “it will be remembered as the year of

rebirth and life for the righteous.”

“I now speak as the Eternal Father of Heaven”, says the Lord. “For decades My Son,

Jesus Christ has been ridiculed, discredited, mocked, and ignored by the wicked and

not been given the honor and the reverence by the lukewarm.” God says, “I am now, in

2018, in this nation and in nations around the world, I’m going to vindicate My Son,

Jesus Christ, in the nations. And I am going to lift Him up and His Name, and it will be

a Name above all names in Heaven and earth”, sayeth the Lord. “And the Name of

Jesus again will be on the lips of men and women that are righteous in this country.

And the days of maligning My God”, sayeth the Lord “are going to become over.” God

says, “I am going to bankrupt sports in the year of 2018”, sayeth God. “I am coming

against Hollywood. I am coming against the NFL. I am coming against professional

sports”, sayeth God “and they shall never recover for the spirit that has been within

them. At the same time,” sayeth the Lord “ there is going to be a spirit of honor that is

going to descend upon the house of God and I am going to redeem the integrity of My

people and of My ministry”, says the Lord “and the house of God shall be known as a

house of integrity and righteousness and power”, sayeth the Lord.


“Starting now and continuing into the year 2018, I am going to answer the long term

prayers of the righteous, both in the Spirit and in the natural. For years”, sayeth the

Lord “My children have prayed to Me, and petitioned Me, and asked Me, and

commanded Me, and yet I have been silent until they have wondered ‘God do you even

hear us?’. Yes, I heard you oh righteous children! And not only am I going to answer

your prayers in the Spirit realm, and yes there is going to be revival, and glory, and

restoration” God says “the year 2018 shall be a year of natural blessing upon the house

of God. The Lord said, “moving companies are not going to have enough trucks to

handle the amount of the righteous that are moving out of one house into another”.

God says, “I am going to take businesses”, sayeth the Lord. “I’m going to transfer their

ownership and their deed. And I’m going to give it to men that have struggled but have

tithed and have stood on the things of God and held onto the word of the Lord.”

“2018 will be a year of great reward to those, who with their great sacrifice and faith,

have proved to Me, whether I answered their prayers or not, that they would love Me

and serve Me til they die. And if they die with their prayers not answered, that praise

would still be upon their lips as they cross over from that world to this. I am going to

command the enemy to release,” sayeth God “and restore all that he has stolen from

the righteous men and women in the earth. So that the word of the Lord shall be

fulfilled that declares ‘the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous’. And

though they think because their name is on the deed that it belongs to them”, God said

“I have had this generation of wicked men be just become care takers to nurture and to

take care, and to grow the prosperity that I am getting ready to release unto the house

of the Lord”. God says, “I am going to give you the pick”, sayeth the Lord “even unto

this local church, of a sanctuary that you want”. The Lord says, “there has been praise

that has come up out of this house. And though you have wondered ‘God are we

invisible?’ and ‘Do You know that we are here?’, God says “ your praise has ascended

unto the throne room of the Lord. And so God says, “I am preparing thee a house and

a habitation that shall be beautiful and you shall be as a city that is set upon a hill and

shall not be hid”, sayeth God. “There will be no mortgage”, sayeth the Lord, “that in the

last move of God”, God says, “man and the righteous will not take up three and four

offerings in the house of the Lord trying to fund My Kingdom”, but God says “there will

be such an abundance of the presence of God through money and resource, that we

will have to tell the people enough is enough because thy coffers shall overflow. For the

earth is full of My possessions” sayeth the Lord “and I own cattle on a thousand hills.

Do not think because I have been silent that I have not heard thy voice, but oh the year

of the Lord has been attuned to the cry of my people. And I now stand in this day”,

sayeth God “and I flex the muscle of My arm. And I declare that the earth is Mine. The

church is Mine. Man is Mine. That I made man and he did not make Me. And My word

will not return unto Me void”, sayeth the Lord.

“This move that you are going to see with thy eyes is not a pruning of my house”,

sayeth God “but it is a cleansing. ‘And thou shall (Hebrews 10:31) be fulfilled”, says the



It’s is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

The Lord says that, “I am not going to judge those in this house who have sinned out

of weakness”. God said, “My mercy shall cover you”. But He said, “I am going to judge

those in this nation and My house who have sinned out of choice and rebellion, and

have rejected the ways of God”. “Grace”, sayeth the Lord “and judgement shall flow as

two rivers at the same time from My throne and one shall be to the righteous whom the

world has mocked and ridiculed and the other shall be to the wicked who have said

‘There is no God’. Oh know this”, sayeth the Lord “that when the trumpet sounds all

shall wish they had been as the righteous. For the favor of God is now upon My

people”, sayeth the Lord. “And as though they reaped the plagues in Egypt of the first

few”, God said “I have declared from this day on that I am setting”, sayeth the Lord “a

fence around godly families. And I make a commitment to you”, sayeth the Lord “and

an oath that cancer shall not cross over, and death shall not cross over, and disease

shall not cross over, and the devour shall not cross over. For there is favor upon thee.

And while there grows darkness in this nation, there shall be light in the land of the

righteous”. So the Lord says, “I am loosing a sound of rejoicing in this sanctuary,

hallelujah. And the spirit of heaviness that the enemy has put on you”, sayeth the Lord

“I take off of you. And I put on you the garment of praise. Even get ready”, sayeth the

Lord “that even this week”, sayeth God “My word is going to begin to be fulfilled

because I do not lie and My word shall not return unto Me void. And for those that have

served me for generations and for decades and have wondered ‘God if this is all there

is’, know my son and daughter this is just the beginning of that which is being released.

So choose Me” sayeth the Lord “choose Me and know that the arm of flesh will fail

you, but the arm of God Almighty shall sustain thee forever.” Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

God says, “There have been many that before men, you were ashamed”. God says, “I

can no longer have people who will be ashamed of Me before men”. God said, “I need

you to take a public declaration that from this day on, regardless of the cost, I am

going to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.” God said that, “The last move of the Lord will

never ever be to the lukewarm, but it will be to the unsaved and it will be to the

righteous”. And God said, “I am withdrawing my conviction from those that have heard

Me and I have pleaded and they have not come.” And God said, “You say there’s time.”

God says, “There is no more time, not for the lukewarm. There is for the righteous and

there is for the unsaved.” But the Lord says, “What I am releasing to Resting Place is

so precious and so glorious that I cannot allow it to be put on people who don’t put

value on it”. God says that, “There is a wind of rest that I am beginning to blow. Even

this morning”, sayeth God “I am blowing rest into The Resting Place, hallelujah. I am

blowing rest upon the lives of you faithful men and women that have been so depleted

from the battle”. And God says, “Today I am taking the sword out of thy hand, and I’m

putting a banner of righteousness and praise. And the war is coming to an end with evil

in your life, hallelujah, hallelujah. For the unsaved that are in your families”, God says

“part of my heritage to you, “sayeth the Lord “is that before this coming year is out

many of you are going to stand in this church with your unsaved seed standing beside

you, and they are going to give their hearts to the Lord”. God said, “I am brining


healing to the rifts of families, hallelujah. That there is a bond of unity and love thats

getting ready to hit the house of God”.

And so the Lord says, “I am not angry with thee today. That I released this word

because I am now moving and man is no longer in charge”. And God says this, “I want

you to be in My house. I want you to be in My Kingdom. I want to open the windows of

Heaven on you. I want to bless you”. God says, “I am not angry. You are my love. I take

no pleasure in the death of the wicked”. God said, “what I have is so valuable, that

what I am going to give to committed people is of such price that I can only give it to

people who by faith have declared value on me”. God said, “I have not forgotten the

sacrifices that you have made, the tears you’ve cried, the pain of thy heart, the

rejections, the sufferings, the embarrassments that you have endured for being a

Christian. Know this”, sayeth the Lord “there has been a minority voice of evil, not of

culture that has spoken in this nation”. God says, “now I’m going to muzzle that voice”.

And God said, “there is a voice of righteousness”, and God says “You will sit as you

watch different television news stations, you will look to one another in amazement and

say ‘I can’t believe what I’m hearing’. Because God says, “I am lifting up men and I’m

going to confirm”, sayeth the Lord, “that it is not the days of preaching anymore, but it

is the day of demonstrating. And though there will be preaching in the house of God”,

God says “it will not have the preeminence like it’s had”. But God said, “the greatest

preaching that is going to come forth is there is going to be a confirming of the word,

signs and wonders following”. The Lord says, “it’s even going to be on little children”.

God said, “I’m going to hit My class rooms”. The Lord says, “I am invading the school

system of this nation and these lies”, sayeth the Lord “that have infiltrated”, the Lord

said, “there are going to be professors and teachers that I am going to remove”, sayeth

God “because they have stood in my class rooms and taught this generation that

which is not true of Me”. And the Lord said, “there is a righteous sound”.

Hallelujah, and the Lord also says this, “the flag of this nation shall never fall to the

ground in infamy and embarrassment”, but the Lord said, “I am raising it back up and

as thou has honored the flag”, sayeth the Lord, “thou has honored Me. And know this”,

sayeth God “I breathe on you”, sayeth the Lord. “I breathe on you life. I breathe on you

joy. I breathe on you peace, hallelujah. May the peace of God be upon you, My

children, and may you receive My word today” sayeth the Lord.   

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By DAVID ZEILER, Associate Editor, Money Morning • @DavidGZeiler • January 2, 2018

It’s just what investors need: A Bitcoin value chart that can detect when the cryptocurrency is in bubble territory.

One the most vexing things about investing in Bitcoin is that unlike stocks, it has no fundamentals you can analyze to determine a fair market price.

And with the price of Bitcoin ranging from less than $1,000 to nearly $20,000 just in 2017, there’s never been a greater need for a tool that can ballpark whether the Bitcoin price is too high, too low, or fairly valued.

That’s one of the reasons Willy Woo, an independent cryptocurrency investment researcher, created something he calls the NVT ratio (Network Value to Transactions ratio).

Here’s how it works…

How the NVT Ratio Determines the Fair Bitcoin Value

Woo was seeking a Bitcoin equivalent to the price/earnings (P/E) ratio used to value stocks.

The issue with cryptocurrencies, of course, is that while they all have a price, they have no earnings. After doing some research, Woo came up with a substitute for earnings.

“Since Bitcoin at its essence is a payments and store of value network, we can look to the money flowing through its network as a proxy to ‘company earnings,'” Woo wrote in an article published on Forbes.

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This number is called the daily transaction value, and the website calculates an estimate every day in U.S. dollars.

To get the NVT Ratio, Woo divides Bitcoin’s market cap (the value of all Bitcoin ever created times the current price) by the daily transaction value.

The normal range for the NVT ratio is between 30 and 95, according to Woo. Only when it breaks out above that range do we have a bubble.

Woo’s long-term NVT ratio chart, which goes back to Bitcoin’s launch, shows the cryptocurrency has had only two real bubbles in its history.

Click to enlarge
The first was in 2011-12, when the Bitcoin price plummeted 92%. Bitcoin soared from $1 to nearly $32 in two months, but over the next six months plunged all the way back down to $2. The second bubble took place in 2014-15, when the Bitcoin price declined 83%.

Following the second bubble, the NVT ratio soared far beyond the normal range, eventually hitting 187.

“If the ratio climbs above the normal range, it’s a sign that the transactional activity is not sustaining the new valuation, and we can expect a lengthy price correction,” Woo said.

The other seven major pullbacks were all episodes of consolidation. In each case, the Bitcoin value stayed within the normal range, kept in check by the rise in daily transaction value.

While these pullbacks were often quite steep – the one in early 2013 was 83% – they were short-lived compared to the two bubbles.

All of which brings us to several key questions: Where is the NVT ratio now? And was the most recent run-up in the Bitcoin price (from $8,000 to nearly $20,000 in less than a month) a bubble or not?

Let’s see what the numbers tell us…

Is the Bitcoin Price in Bubble Territory Now?

Woo points out he can’t be sure whether any given pullback is a bubble or a consolidation while the Bitcoin price is still rising.

“A price explosion does not necessarily mean the asset is in a bubble. We can only determine this after the peak when the market reassesses the new valuation and we see if the price consolidates or crashes,” Woo said.

The greatest rise in the NVT ratio comes in the weeks and months following a bubble’s peak.

Despite the huge gains throughout 2017 – 1,800% at the peak – the NVT ratio has stayed in the normal range for all but a couple of days in early October, when it nudged up to 101.

Woo uses a 28-day moving average (14 days on either side of the current day) to calculate his “official” NVT ratio because the daily scores vary widely. The most recent official score, from Dec. 19, is 70.345 – still in the middle of the normal range.

That covers the most recent all-time high, which according to the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price index was $19,783.21 on Dec. 17. The NVT ratio on that day was 71.20 – comfortably within the normal range.

Since then, the price of Bitcoin has declined, while the NVT ratio over the past two weeks has averaged 74.58. So far, it looks we’re in another period of consolidation following December’s all-time high.

So, not a bubble – at least according to the NVT ratio.

If the current trend follows the pattern of the four previous consolidations, Bitcoin will revisit its all-time high within three to six months.

It could happen even sooner if the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approves a Bitcoin-related exchange-traded fund. Although mid-year is more likely, it’s possible the SEC could approve a Bitcoin ETF as early as the first quarter of 2018.

The arrival of an easy way for retail investors to invest in Bitcoin without buying or holding the cryptocurrency will cause the Bitcoin price to skyrocket well past the previous all-time high to at least $25,000

So far this year, the price of Bitcoin has hit peak gains of some 1,900%.

Some of that can be chalked up to the crypto craze we’ve been seeing, no doubt. I don’t know about you, but nearly every conversation I’ve had at Christmas parties this year has revolved around Bitcoin.

But what all those folks are buying – what they’re hanging they’re hopes on – is good, old high technology. And as we all know, the road to wealth is paved by tech.

See, the technology underlying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – known as blockchain – adds new dimensions to data that layers in both time logging and other ledger characteristics that create layers of security by design.

The Most Lucrative Way to Kick-Start Your 2018 Income Stream

Tom Gentile showed his readers the incredible opportunity to score 69 triple-digit winning moves in 2017. Now he’s pinpointed five brand new opportunities that he expects to return a combined 946.14%. Even better, these all start on January 2 ­- the very first trading day of the year. Here’s what you need to know…

And that’s what has Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and just about everyone else so excited about getting into a field that almost no one had heard of when I first started telling folks about it way back in early 2013.

Blockchain is a highly secure, cryptographic system that functions as a global distributed ledger. This system not only undergirds Bitcoin and other currencies, but it bypasses banks and governments, operates transparently, and is virtually hack-proof.

That means, almost immediately, many of us will be settling contracts with blockchain. By doing so, we’ll avoid bank fees, possible litigation, and all lot of other issues that economists like to refer as “friction.” Plus, you can go online and watch these transactions occurring in near real time.

Plus – and here’s where it gets good – blockchain technology is the source of those hared forks… if you own some Bitcoin.

Here’s what I mean…

But These Hard Forks Could Be Your Biggest Source of Profits in 2018

Hard forks happen when developers feel the Bitcoin blockchain needs new features. You see, Bitcoin is kind of like gold – it’s good to buy and store in a vault. It’s not very useful. But many of these “fork coins” have special utilities that many people would find very useful.

These developers can also set up a Bitcoin fork when they feel the cost of mining has gotten so expensive that only a few elite code warriors can participate.

With each fork, Bitcoin is subdivided into two currencies – the original and the new coin. To facilitate these forks, the Bitcoin community then spins off the fork coin to current Bitcoin owners… for free. If you own one Bitcoin, you get one fork coin – if you own 0.33 Bitcoin, you get 0.33 of the fork coin, etc.

There already have been two major hard forks this year. The first occurred back on Aug. 1 when Bitcoin Cash emerged. That event marked the new currency at roughly $291; Cash quickly jumped to more than $400 before selling off again.

But as the price of Bitcoin has risen recently, so has Bitcoin Cash’s. When Coinbase added the currency to its lineup earlier this month, the price leaped as high as $3,575.

Bitcoin Futures Trading Could Send Prices to $50,000 in 2018

Bitcoin futures trading started at the CBOE on Dec. 10 and on the much larger CME on Dec. 18. Nasdaq plans to begin trading Bitcoin futures in the first half of next year. Further big rises in the price of Bitcoin – currently trading at around $16,000 – may seem far-fetched given the 1,700% increase it’s had in 2017. But while another 1,700% gain in one year would be a stretch, the Bitcoin price should have enough of a tailwind to triple – or even quadruple – in 2018. Consider what’s happened over the past four months…

Another hard fork came on Oct. 24 with the spinoff of Bitcoin Gold.

At the time, the financial media was rife with stories about how this hard fork would damage the value of Bitcoin itself.

Yes, Bitcoin hit a short-term decline, falling to $5,374. But as you’ve seen, the price since then has more than tripled. To me, that means these forks have been good for both Bitcoin and the fork coins.

As for Bitcoin Gold, it promptly lost more than 50% of its value. Then it traded sideways for several days before ramping back up again. Recently trading in the $320 range, Bitcoin Gold is still off its entry price of roughly $485.

But remember, Bitcoin has gone through similar periods of declines – only to ramp up and hand investors massive gains.

And that’s why you shouldn’t be selling all your Bitcoin holdings. You want these hard forks and the profits they bring you in 2018 – and beyond.

Take Some Gains – but Not All of Them

That said. I still believe in treating your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies the same way you would stocks or other investments.

Take some profits along the way, ideally winning all your original capital back. Then you pocket those big gains, and keep playing the field using the “house’s” money.

If you stay in Bitcoin now, you’re setting yourself up for what currently looks like eight more hard forks in the near future…

Super Bitcoin
Bitcoin Platinum
Bitcoin Uranium
Bitcoin Cash Plus
Bitcoin Silver
Lightning Bitcoin
Bitcoin God
United Bitcoin
It’s impossible to predict the price or performance of any of these upcoming spinoffs. But that’s beside the point.

As a Bitcoin owner, you’ll keep getting these new coins for free.

If in 2018 these spinoffs climb just 10% of Bitcoin’s stratospheric rise this year, you’ll see returns of 190% – multiple times over.

Even if selling all your Bitcoin right now seems very tempting, with so much money on the table, these spin-off coins are a deal just too good to pass up.

Further Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert on Sexual Identity and Union with Christ
Terms like same-sex marriage, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gay Christian are part of the discourse of daily life. Enormous dispute surrounds them as news headlines and social media reflects the stirrings of the hearts in real people with real questions and concerns.

Dr. Butterfield not only goes to great lengths to clarify some of today’s key controversies, she also traces their history and defines the terms that have become second nature. She cuts to the heart of the problems and points the way to the solution, which challenges the church to be all that God intended it to be, and for each person to find true freedom in Christ.

This book deals with some of the most difficult and incendiary questions with wit, joy, maturity, and, above all, radiating love.
Read the full testimonial
Russell Moore, president, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert:
An English Professor’s Journey into Christian Faith
Rosaria, by the standards of many, was living a very good life. She had a tenured position at a large university in a field for which she cared deeply. She owned two homes with her partner, in which they provided hospitality to students and activists who were looking to make a difference in the world. Then, in her late 30s, Rosaria encountered something that turned her world upside down—the idea that Christianity, a religion she had regarded as problematic and sometimes downright damaging, might be right about who God was. This is the gritty, unusual story of repentance and the lived life of an unlikely Christian

Let us keep our eyes and heart directed to the Lord, to follow him fully… laying aside every wait of hinderance and distraction.. knowing full well that we have a race to run and the ways of truth to follow.

The only hope for the modern church is to return to bible principles and preach the gospel that Jesus preached. The church has languished and lost its shine because so many church leaders have resorted to motivational speaking and short homilies constructed to make it easy and palatable for the listeners. The problem is, this natural logic to tickle the ears of the people and avoid upsetting anyone, neither strengthens the church nor causes it to win the lost. The easy road is never the right road!
Jesus was uncompromising in His demand for commitment and when that commitment was rejected He did not chase after the rejecters. He did not run after the rich young ruler or try and persuade people to stay when they moved to walk away. When many of His disciples left Him because He said unpalatable things to them, rather than pander to their mediocrity he turned to the twelve and asked them if they would like to go too (of course Peter asked, ‘where would we go?’)

The fact is that the One who travelled from the eternal world, the Great Creator of all things, who housed Himself in the womb of the virgin and walked the way of the cross to shed His blood for us all, has every right to demand from us total and complete commitment. He showed extreme love and passion for us all and He seeks a parallel response from us. “If any man will come after me let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me.”

It goes without saying that it’s all based in love, but we must understand that the response He requires from us is uncomfortably clear; hot or cold, in or out, all or nothing. It is increasingly not a popular message, but it is the teaching of the Word and it’s this kind of preaching upon which Christ builds His church. We divert from it at our peril and the church becomes weak, insipid and powerless to win the crying multitudes. May God raise up men and women of love, vision, passion and prophetic anointing who will defy the demonic and preach once more the truth that builds churches which strike fear into the heart of the evil one! We can see our nation turn back to God – but only if we preach uncompromising truth soaked in His Presence!

God works in us what is pleasing in his sight. And the fact that he works it in us is part of what makes it pleasing in his sight.

The kingdom of God is not food and drink. It is righteousness, peace, and joy which come by the powerful working of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The one who serves Christ in this way—depending on the work of the Spirit for all the help you need and renouncing all self-reliance—pleases God and manifests his kingdom in the church and extends his kingdom in the world.

So then, Bethlehem, let us, as verse 19 says, “Let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding.” Don’t flaunt your freedom. Love your brothers and sisters. And do it not in your own strength, but in the Holy Spirit. This is the kingdom of God. This is his rule in our midst